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From the moment Pastor Carter prayed for us on stage, I remember specifically that he asked God to perform miracles, for Him to use the team in unprecedented ways, and for things that have never been done before to take place…and so it has been!  We keep hearing from our hosts as well as local believers serving alongside us that the things that have been taking place have indeed never been done before.  The way teams are coming together, different ministries are working in unity, outreaches (which are seldom done) are sprouting up, and people are responding to the altar calls has been occurring in a never-seen-before way here.

 Also, it has been incredible ministering with the believers here as well as those visiting for the event called Hope Geneva.  There are literally Christians from all different parts of the world who have come to help out.

 God indeed has His remnant everywhere, strategically placing them in different locations.  We had the honor of joining a prayer team that was taking place at the UN.  The prayer group was comprised of UN staff who were also on-fire believers.  We also heard a testimony from one of the attendees who boldly shared Matthew 5 with the other leaders gathered.  This speaker was even surprised at his own boldness, and it was later discovered that another person was interceding for him as he addressed the room.

 In the evening, Crossroads Church blessed us with a wonderful meal, and it was great to fellowship with the believers there.  The city of Geneva sits in a strategic international hub, and people from many nations pass through.  Thus, the church has been encouraged to take advantage of this blessing and to evangelize more.  While there we heard of how God is opening impossible doors in the city, and that people are ripe to receive the gospel.

 The following morning, we were able to serve lunch, worship, and share testimonies at the Salvation Army.  We also prayed with people one on one.  The ministry reaches out to the homeless and drug addicted.  It was a blessing serving alongside the staff there and to see their passion for the lost.  Apparently, their staff was blessed by our presence too as we were asked to serve with them again the next day.

 In the late afternoon, we joined another church and members of Rahab ministry, a ministry that ministers to the red-light district.  We got to share briefly with the ladies on the streets and invited them to a ministry event at a cafe that night.  At first, the ladies were resistant, but eventually we saw some of their hearts soften.  We knew it was due to prayer.  They eventually joined us at the café, and we were able to share with them some more.  There were a few who were truly touched, and we got to pray for them before they left.  

 Today, Friday, some of us went to serve at the Salvation Army, and afterwards we were able to pass out flyers inviting people to the evangelistic meeting that evening.  Different churches had deliberated together and agreed that this weekend should be a weekend of evangelism and prayer.  Friday evening, the gospel and worship night was packed out!  It was so full that we were told 200 people were turned away.  After the worship, testimony, and Word, there was an altar call.  These are rarely done here in Geneva, but in obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, there was an altar call and almost 40 people gave their lives to Jesus!  

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Switzerland, September 2017 | Exalting God in World Centers https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/switzerland-september-2017-exalting-god-in-world-centers/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/switzerland-september-2017-exalting-god-in-world-centers/#respond Fri, 29 Sep 2017 16:40:44 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9419

We have arrived on time in Switzerland! We met with our hosts and we spent the day at the U.N building. We prayed with the staff and powerful devotional thoughts were shared. Later in the day, the choir members rehearsed for the Friday service. It is late now, but I wanted to make sure to give you a quick update!

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Haiti, September 2017 | Answered Prayers https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-september-2017-answered-prayers/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-september-2017-answered-prayers/#respond Tue, 12 Sep 2017 03:34:08 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9346

Team members: Vivian 1, Vivian 2, Robert, Sile (author), BJ, Q, Sheila and Karen.

We arrived on our much anticipated trip to Haiti in the early afternoon on Saturday, September 2nd, and were met at the airport by Dr Dave and other clinic staff. Haiti looked and felt just like Nigeria where I’m from and grew up, and I felt at home immediately. After thanking God for traveling mercies, unpacking and eating lunch (the food here is amazing!), we met, prayed and worshipped together with some of the kids in Dr Dave’s after-school program. It was wonderful to witness firsthand what God was doing in the lives of these young people through the program. The next morning (Sunday), we worshipped together, ate breakfast and went to church. Lunch was at one of the restaurants in the neighborhood and after, we did some sightseeing around Port-au-Prince. Later that night, we unpacked and arranged the medical supplies we had brought with us in preparation for the next day when the clinic would be open.

Monday morning we got up early to pray and worship, eat breakfast, meet our translators and other pertinent clinic staff. Each day before patients are seen, all staff members and patients pray together and today was no exception. Each one of us were then assigned to different teams: triage, pharmacy, and the treatment/consultation room. Even though it was our first day and we were still getting used to the surroundings, the Lord aided us in our work and we were able to see, fill prescriptions, pray with, and minister to about 96 patients that first day!

On Tuesday, we were informed that Hurricane Irma was fast approaching the Caribbean Islands and Haiti was in its path and as such we have to leave the next day (Wednesday). We were quite saddened and disappointed at this news and wanted to stay to help. However, Dr Dave counseled us on the importance of obedience and we resolved to work harder that day and the next to see as many patients as we possibly could before leaving. It was a full moon that night so we debriefed, prayed and worshipped together on the rooftop. We encouraged ourselves in the words of Psalm 91 and prayed that Haiti would be spared from Hurricane Irma. The Holy Spirit replaced our worries with inner joy and peace and we concluded our meeting singing one of Pastor Carter’s favorite songs: “God is fighting for us, God is on our side.”

We woke up the next morning (Wednesday) to news that the path of Hurricane Irma had been slightly altered, and Haiti was no longer in its direct path. What a mighty God we serve! He had answered our prayers overnight, and even though we still had to leave, we knew that He had Haiti in His powerful hands. We continued to see and assist patients till mid-afternoon that day before saying our goodbyes and heading to the airport. On Thursday, the National Hurricane Center discontinued hurricane and tropical storm warnings for Haiti. Hallelujah!!!

What a wonderful privilege it has been serving the Haitian people, spreading the good news and love of Christ, and watching God at work this past week. Even though our missions trip was cut short, we have further assurance that “all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and work according to His purpose.” Our God is a good good Father and we have no doubt that we accomplished exactly what He needed us to on this trip. Thank you Lord!

May God continue to bless and keep the people of Haiti. Amen.

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Zambia, August 2017 | Lusaka here we come! https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-august-2017-lusaka-here-we-come/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-august-2017-lusaka-here-we-come/#respond Sun, 20 Aug 2017 22:31:55 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9342

As this anticipated trip to Zambia finally arrived, me and my team were so excited and could hardly wait to get there. After a 25 hour travel the exhaustion of the flight didn’t stop our excitement and wanting to see God’s will be done on this trip. We were greeted by the amazing Morales – Miranda and Luis, they made us feel at home instantly. Oh and we can’t forget the comedy of their three beautiful daughters. We had our first encounter with the street kids the next morning at a railroad junction and boy it was hard not to break down and cry in front of them; the hopelessness in their eyes while they continue to sniff the glue to get high and to numb themselves, immediately our team was made aware of the desperate need for love and we know how much God loves them dearly. We began to sing and dance with the kids and it was so much fun! We praised God together, singing songs like “there’s no one like Jesus”, “I surrender” and others, they were so happy and some of these kids really had great dance moves! We prayed for them and with them as we ended our outreach. It was quite an eye-opening experience for all of us to see kids as young as 7 living in such condition. It tore us up.

Luis gave us a quick tour of their StreetWise store front in the afternoon, sharing about their vision and plan for this ministry, then we ended off the night by having a big family dinner at the Morales’ house. Our trip was just getting started and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the coming days!

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Alaska, August 2017 | Finishing Strong, Not Fizzling Out https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-finishing-strong-not-puttering-out/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-finishing-strong-not-puttering-out/#respond Wed, 16 Aug 2017 15:56:42 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9334

As our last days in Alaska approached, we continued doing the work of the Lord with vigor and passion.  We determined to not let tiredness or the enemy’s attacks slow us down. We went to a local shelter called Love on a Mission where we had the opportunity to worship and pray for others. Our team led a wonderful time of worship, and one team member shared a powerful testimony, finishing with an altar call for anyone ready to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. A few men began to make their way to the altar to answer this call. Other men came up as well to rededicate their lives to God. We could all sense the brokenness as some wept at the altar with their hands raised high in surrender. Our team walked over to pray for those who answered the call and to ask others in the audience if they needed prayer. We walked away from Love on a Mission changed by the incredible people that we had met and prayed with. It was another beautiful trip moment where God displayed his glory and left us in awe.

On Sunday, we were blessed with leading the service at Glad Tidings Church. A few of our team members shared their testimonies with the congregation. Each story was different, but they each carried the theme of God’s ability to move any mountain in our lives. There was an undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit in the church as we prayed for the members of the congregation. After service, we shared a delicious meal together that the congregation blessed us with.

On our very last day in Alaska we went to Anchorage Correctional Complex to minister to the inmates. The team was able to worship, pray and minister to the prisoners. We were split into two teams to minister to the different inmate populations. Many of the inmates were strong believers in the Lord. They joined and at times even lead worship with the team. A brief message was given about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and saying “yes” to God’s calling on our lives. Some inmates received prayer for healing and were actually healed from their pain! This was truly the Holy Spirit within us, performing miracles through us – the strength of God displayed through weak yet willing vessels. We all went on this trip to make an impact in Alaska, but each of us walked away greatly touched by God ourselves.  All glory to God for doing what only he could’ve done in the great state of Alaska!

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Alaska, August 2017 | Imprisoned Physically, Free Spiritually https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-imprisoned-physically-free-spiritually/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-imprisoned-physically-free-spiritually/#respond Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:40:08 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9282

This year we were given the opportunity to go to Spring Creek Correctional Center to minister. The chaplain of the Correctional Center was overjoyed to have us come and interact with the prisoners. This chaplain was truly on fire for Jesus. He loved on our team and gave us so much support. Furthermore, everyone at the Correctional Center was so welcoming and happy we came. We were led into a wonderful time of praise and song by our lovely worship leader, Mandy. Each song filled the gymnasium with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Some people on our team were able share their testimonies with the prisoners. On some of the prisoners’ faces, we could literally see destructive patterns of thinking begin to change as they intently listened to each testimony.

The last person to give his testimony was Pablo, and it was definitely a divine appointment. Our leader, Jessica, asked Pablo to share his testimony and speak briefly to the prisoners before making the altar call. As soon as he grabbed the microphone and caught the attention of the prisoners, we knew it was a moment that only God could’ve created. Pablo shared with a vulnerability and honesty that the prisoners could relate to. Hearts began to soften with every word that came from his mouth. When the altar call was made almost all the prisoners stepped forward. It was such a blessing to see the amazing response. We had the opportunity to pray with prisoners individually and see the change in their eyes as God continued to work. This is only one of the great miracles that God has worked during our time in Alaska. The prisoners were all so thankful that we came all the way from New York to minister to them.

During her testimony, Priscilla said “When you look out and see those mountains, just think about the fact that God’s love for you is higher than those mountains.” This beautiful truth sums up the prayer on all our hearts for these prisoners. We came here to give them the Word of God but God gave us a word as well. We were shown that these prisoners are loved by God just as we are, and that we are no better or no less broken than them just because we are not in a prison. The freedom that we all now share is not physical, but it abides inside us by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Physical freedom is a blessing, but there are scores of people who are free physically but enslaved by the enemy spiritually.  All of the prisoners who responded to Christ can now enjoy a freedom that many outside prison walls cannot find, though they search for it everywhere.

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Alaska, August 2017 | Weather, Wildlife and Witnessing https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-weather-wildlife-and-witnessing/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/alaska-august-2017-weather-wildlife-and-witnessing/#respond Sun, 13 Aug 2017 14:56:49 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9277

Long before the trip even began, we were all excited about what the Lord would do during our mission in Alaska. The opportunity to come and be a part of what God is doing in this beautiful state is a blessing for all of us. Upon our safe arrival, we took in the fresh air and amazing scenery. Spotty rain showers characterized the beginning of this trip, but in no way did we let that dampen our excitement! We were greeted by our hosts with love and great conversation about the popular local bears. Though a little frightening, we will not allow any weather or wildlife to stand in the way of what the Lord has sent us here to do. As we all settled in for the night, we were ready for what tomorrow would bring.

Our first day started with observing the beautiful scenery at Hatcher’s Pass. Our wonderful team leader, Jessica, wanted us to take some time with God in the beauty of his creation. All the mountains around us were a reminder of how vast and majestic our God is. We each found our own spot to spend time with our Creator.  It provided a blessed time of reflection for all of us, and we each sensed clear confirmation that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. From the highest peak of the mountain to the lowest part of the valley, we were given opportunities to minister God’s love to others. We were able to speak and pray with others hiking in the area.  It was a lesson to us to never underestimate God’s ability to work in many ways and in many places. We all expect to continue seeing the miraculous works of God during the rest of our time here. God is doing great things in Alaska, and we are blessed to be part of it!

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Walk the Talk, August 2017 | Reaching Out and Bringing In https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/walk-the-talk-august-2017-reaching-out-and-bringing-in/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/walk-the-talk-august-2017-reaching-out-and-bringing-in/#respond Wed, 09 Aug 2017 14:57:13 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9266

This year’s Walk the Talk outreach took place in the different districts surrounding Times Square Church including Hell’s Kitchen, Rockefeller Center, Times Square/Broadway, and Columbus Circle.  We had around 30 participants who were broken up into four teams corresponding to these four districts.  It was an incredible outreach where hundreds in the surrounding community were reached out to with an invitation to Times Square Church and the gospel message.  Some people on the streets were saved and gave their lives to the Lord.  Others were challenged as they discussed Jesus, and seeds were planted in their hearts and minds. Still some rejected our invitations completely, but God is merciful and we will continue to pray for them.  Additionally, we attempted to exemplify the character of Christ by picking up trash on the street, offering snacks and coffee to community members, and praying with all those who would let us. We are certain that God was glorified and a blow was dealt to the kingdom of darkness!

Here is an inspiring testimony from one participant: “Personally, as a foreigner who came to this country six years ago, I have fear talking to strangers and I often question myself ‘What can I share with others?’ On the third day of Walk the Talk, the morning teaching by Tyler really challenged us to get out and have conversations with people.  That afternoon, our team went out to Hell’s Kitchen, and we divided into three groups.  Katy, Ashley, and I decided to re-visit places where we went on the first day. On our way, we met a lady from Guyana. She has been living in a women’s shelter for 4 years. She said she was a teacher when she was in her country. You could see how hurt and hopeless she was, and we didn’t know what to share to encourage her. I was praying to God in my mind ‘What can we say to her?’ All of a sudden, I opened my mouth and I started sharing my testimony about how the Lord has been so faithfully providing everything in my life such as housing, food, and job for the last 6 years. She was so encouraged and we gave her big hugs! Through this experience I have learned that in Jesus Christ we all have a story to tell – a story of his love, his victory, and his hope!

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Haiti, June 2017 | Binding the Brokenhearted https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-binding-the-brokenhearted/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-binding-the-brokenhearted/#comments Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:32:51 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9152

On Wednesday, we met a woman whose three sons were shot to death.  After her sons died, all the sons’ wives abandoned the children they had raised with the sons, and this grandmother was left to care for the children alone.  She is currently raising these children and she has no work.  She brought one of her grandchildren with her, a nine-year old boy who needed medical care for his scalp.  She herself needed glasses.  Marshall and I prayed that God would comfort this woman’s soul for the loss of her children and give her strength to care for the grandchildren now in her care.  We also prayed that God would open a door for her to work so she can provide for them.  We asked God to touch the hearts of the mothers so that they would return to help this woman care for these children.  Though only a small drop of all this woman now needs, we were able to provide her with a few care packages including mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and soap.  My heart goes out to her and her difficult, yet God-shielded road ahead.

Another time at the clinic, the Lord brought us a lady who was beaten by her ex-boyfriend and reported that he did voodoo on her. After she saw the doctor, we gave her medicine, but there was nothing we could prescribe for the spots that broke out on her body. She tearfully told us that he mixed a powder with snake venom and threw it on her, pointing to all the black spots on her arms, abdomen, legs and thighs. She was hysterical. She also had nowhere to turn. This woman had no family, no children, no brothers or sisters and no work. As we prayed for her to be healed and for God to open a door for her to get a job, God led us to bring Dieumène, the registered nurse for the clinic’s ground team to see what else we could do for her. Dieumène spoke with the lady about Christ and asked her if she would like to accept Him.  She said “yes” and we all prayed for her as she fell to her knees. We gathered a package for her including a personal hygiene package, beans, and cereal bars – enough to sustain her for the day.  We not only prayed for her to have a relationship with Christ but against the spiritual oppression that left her emotionally and socially bankrupt. 

Isaiah 61 comes to mind as I meditate on how the Lord has called us to serve in Haiti.  It reads: “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty for ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”  Praise our God and Father who brings healing to those in such painful and heartbreaking situations!


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Haiti, June 2017 | Jesus Heals the Paralytic Man https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-jesus-heals-the-paralytic-man/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-jesus-heals-the-paralytic-man/#comments Thu, 06 Jul 2017 14:11:07 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9149

We had wrapped up the day’s activities by 3:00pm. We were setting up for the next day when a man, sick for months, unable to walk, was carried by several neighbors on a full-size mattress and brought to our door. Watching the man being carried on that mattress instantly brought to our minds the story of the paralytic man whose friends Jesus praised in Mark 2 because of their devotion and faith. 

The man lives with relatives at the end of a narrow alley only steps from the clinic. However, they had to take a longer route because the mattress was much wider than the alley. They carried him for 20 minutes under the scorching sun and blistering heat of Port-au-Prince. 

God in His perfect timing brought the man at the best possible moment. Had he come earlier in the day when dozens of patients were waiting to see one of the three doctors, we might have had to ask the more able-bodied patients to return the next day because we certainly would not have turned this man away given his condition.  

Our medical staff at that time of day, comprised of 4 medical professionals and 1 nursing student, started working tirelessly on the man who had fallen off a gate that he was building. When he came to the clinic, he still had a catheter that was put in almost two months prior in the Dominican Republic where he had travelled to repair a broken leg incurred during the fall. After our volunteers dressed the wounds, changed his clothes and bedsheets, six men from our team including two from NY drove him to his home. From the time he arrived at our door to the time he was put on the truck, it took at least 4 hours. There’s nothing more that could have been done at the clinic. We drove him home and planned to take him to a local hospital on Friday.

On Friday around lunchtime the same group of men drove to the man’s house and took him to two area hospitals. He was turned away by both. And their reason: his bedsores were too deep; the hospital couldn’t care for him. He was simply sent home to die. We pleaded with them and assured them that we would take care of his hospital bills to no avail. Doctor Dave immediately started making calls to see what other local hospitals would accept him. As of Saturday July 1st the search was still ongoing.

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Haiti, June 2017 | Facing Obstacles but Moving Forward https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-facing-obstacles-but-moving-forward/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2017-facing-obstacles-but-moving-forward/#respond Thu, 06 Jul 2017 13:57:27 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9146

We were all excited to again have had the privilege of being part of the mission team. As with any trip, we always expect challenges with each step into God’s mission; this trip was no different. Before we even left the airport, trouble awaited us. Three members of our team were stopped by customs agents who threatened to confiscate their luggage containing desperately needed medication to stock the clinic’s pharmacy. We were told we lacked proper authorization to bring medication into the country, yet not one of the agents was able to tell us precisely what documents were required or whom to speak to.

We explained our presence in the country, that we were volunteers from TSC, a NYC church whose members travel to Haiti a few times a year to provide free medical assistance to the community. The contents of each luggage were closely scrutinized and expiration dates checked. After they thoroughly inspected everything, we were given permission to leave with all our luggage and their contents.

We were thankful that God was on our side and that the Haitian people would later be blessed by receiving the medication. That was the first of many victories that God gave us on the ground in Haiti. We know many more victories will be won, many of which we’ll never know about on this side of eternity.

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Colombia, May 2017 | The Good Soil of a Child’s Heart https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-the-good-soil-of-a-childs-heart/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-the-good-soil-of-a-childs-heart/#respond Tue, 30 May 2017 16:00:42 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9136

Jesus said, Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14 NKJV

Today we went to Manantiales, a neighborhood in the mountains above Medellin, to serve and minister to the local children in that community.  The extent of the poverty in this neighborhood is striking. Dilapidated structures, no sidewalks and an above ground sewage system that runs right through homes paints a picture of a community that is all but forgotten. Yet, Christ has not forgotten them. In order to get the children to come out, we went door-to-door calling out childrens’ names and requesting permission from guardians. The houses were cramped, dark, and with simple dirt floors-  yet the kids were happy and affectionate.  After rounding up children – most between the ages of 3 and 11 – into the Ciudad Refugio van, we began the ascent up the winding dirt road to the compound that was rented for the day’s activities. As we approached the front gate to the compound, we were greeted by a small group of children who were already anticipating our arrival. It was touching to see their expectant faces, eager to spend a day in a place that was like a safe haven away from the stresses of their home lives. The kids participated in worship, playground games, and classroom teachings about the fruits of the Spirit. The joy was palpable throughout.

After the activities, the children were served lunch brought from the foundation and were given clothing donations.  A few foreign sweets from the US served as the icing on the cake – Skittles were a major hit! We then all had a joyful walk back through the mountain community as children returned to their homes.  Even though we were mostly strangers to their community, the children welcomed us with enthusiasm and open arms.  We were able to also spend some time with a group of teens that came back from Manantiales to the foundation for a sleepover. During the evening’s youth service, we were able to continue ministering to them through drama, testimony and activities as well as prayed for them.  The teens will be returned to their homes after Sunday morning church service.

Since the foundation started serving in that community several years ago, God has caused this ministry to bear fruit.  Children have been bringing God’s word back into their homes and encountering and falling in love with Jesus at a young age. Although seemingly on the lowest rung on the social ladder, Jesus is inviting these little children to come to Him and we trust that He will continue to give the increase.

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Colombia, May 2017 | From Caterpillars to Butterflies https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-from-caterpillars-to-butterflies/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-from-caterpillars-to-butterflies/#respond Fri, 26 May 2017 17:13:54 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9133

“And we all, with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord, are being TRANSFORMED into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” 2 Cor 3:18.

Transformation has been a recurring theme for our team at Ciudad a Refugio since Tuesday. We are seeing it at every level; in the people at the Foundation and within the facility itself. Here are but a few examples of what God is doing:

1) During the midweek evening service, one of our team members shared her powerful testimony on how God transformed her life and delivered her from drug and alcohol addiction. The message resonated with many of the men in the program and they stood with locked arms as witnesses of how God is changing their lives during the closing prayer time.

2) One of the ladies in the drug recovery program accepted Jesus into her heart during an afternoon Bible Study session. We prayed for the ladies to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, the One able to bring true transformation. This morning, she spoke of a new peace that she’s experiencing. Glory to God.

3) At the Agua Panela street outreach for the homeless Wednesday evening, we saw again the power of a transformed life in a woman who has just completed the 1-year recovery program at the Foundation. Now in the transition program, she returned to the same streets she once lived in to serve the homeless agua panela (sugar water) and bread and to share with them how God changed her life. She also invited them to come to Ciudad Refugio, the same place that God used as a vehicle for her transformation. The homeless were intrigued by her testimony and hope dared to peek through their tired eyes.

4 ) Our team is also experiencing transformation as our eyes are being opened to the plea of the homeless and our hearts are being stirred with compassion for them. We were reminded of Matt 25:35-40 that as we care for the homeless and afflicted, we are doing it unto the Lord.

God desires to transform us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ. This transformation is a lifelong process. Just like the men and women at the program in Ciudad Refugio, transformation begins with choosing to look to Jesus to change us. As we fix our focus on Him, He heals our brokenness and our lives become gradually brighter, more beautiful, and more whole.

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Colombia, May 2017| If You Thirst, Come https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-if-you-thirst-come-2/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-may-2017-if-you-thirst-come-2/#respond Tue, 23 May 2017 15:16:01 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9128

It’s been a few days since our team of 6 arrived at la Ciudad Refugio and it’s already been an awesome and humbling experience. Within the first 48 hours, we’ve had the opportunity to: serve in the classroom as part of a homeschooling program, play games with and perform a drama for children during a neighborhood outreach and preach the Good News to the homeless and destitute. And that represents only a fraction of what occurs here on a regular basis! Although each service/outreach has been very different, what has been consistent is that there are men and women who said ‘yes’ to the call on their lives and are given to the work of God on the earth.

Many words can be used to describe the work that is happening at City of Refuge, but “convenient” is not one of them. The ground level of the foundation functions as a church, meeting room, cafeteria, homeless shelter and garage, sometimes all in the same day. Each use has a specific configuration so the room has to be cleaned, set and reset routinely. Three times a week, trips to another barrio are required to pick up crates of fruit and vegetable donations. Once back at the foundation, all produce is individually inspected, pruned and washed by hand so that it can then be used to feed staff and the homeless. And the street outreaches to children are accomplished by defying the laws of physics and packing in food, juice, supplies and people (yes, people) as tightly as possible into a vehicle and traveling to neighborhoods quite a distance away, often in dangerous parts of town. No, this work is certainly not convenient, but it is worth it because lives are being transformed to the glory and honor of our Savior.

God has chosen to plant a lighthouse in Medellin. In a city whose notoriety is largely built on its gruesome past of drugs and murder, God has established a testimony at City of Refuge of healing and new life. Many poor, addicted, broken and hopeless come in and are embraced by the love of Jesus Christ and are made new by the power of the cross. And as our team has already discovered, just serving here has stirred and challenged our hearts to go deeper. So whether bound in sin or living for God, the message is the same: if you thirst, come.


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Fall Trips 2017 now launched! https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/fall-trips-2017-now-launched/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/fall-trips-2017-now-launched/#comments Fri, 05 May 2017 22:11:57 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9111 The short-term missions trips for Fall/Winter 2017 are now launched!
Trip destinations include Zambia, Haiti, Switzerland, Colombia, Tennessee and Israel. TSC Missions will also be hosting Walk the Talk, a week of outreaches in NYC, leading up to Faith Day, at Citi Field, following the Mets vs. Dodgers game.

Registration closes on Sunday June 18.

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Haiti, March 2017| Is This Not The Fast I Have Chosen https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-march-2017-is-this-not-the-fast-i-have-chosen/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-march-2017-is-this-not-the-fast-i-have-chosen/#respond Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:14:46 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9049

Our time in Haiti has come to an end, but the work of God continues here.  Our prayer is that God would keep drawing people unto Himself through this ministry.    That He would heal their sicknesses not only physically, but spiritually.  That there would be a testimony in the land of what God is doing in this clinic.

Isaiah 58 has been the scripture our team has looked to throughout this trip. It speaks of what true fasting is.  It’s about having your eyes opened to the needs of others.  To have His heart for them.  To pray for God to set people free from wickedness and burdens.  To give to those who have nothing. Then He promises after these thing are done, He will hear our cry and He will answer. He will cause our darkness to be as the noonday. So many blessings come when walk in the fullness of what God has called us to.

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? ” -Isaiah 58:6-7

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Haiti, March 2017| It’s a Blessing To Serve https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/its-a-blessing-to-serve/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/its-a-blessing-to-serve/#respond Fri, 10 Mar 2017 18:41:15 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9044

The week is half way over now, and it’s been a blessing to be serving at the medical clinic. A work that allows people’s needs to be met, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

The clinic opens at around 8:30AM, but as early as 5AM people begin to line up outside. They wait patiently to be seen and treated for their medical needs. By 8:30AM, the sun is up and shining bright. The clinic staff leads the people in worship and prayer, and the day begins.

Our OnCall team is placed in different roles throughout the clinic. Whether it’s seeing patients, working in the pharmacy, or playing ball outside with the kids who are waiting for their parent, each role is a key role.

Yesterday, as the patients were waiting to be seen, two of our team members, Michelle and Gloria, handed out toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and mouth wash. They demonstrated to the young and old the proper way to use the items. A sobering reality to know that some people find it difficult to afford such basic necessities.

Thank you for your prayers, let’s continue to believe God to do great things in Haiti.

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Haiti, March 2017| You Are My All In All https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-march-2017-you-are-my-all-in-all/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-march-2017-you-are-my-all-in-all/#respond Tue, 07 Mar 2017 23:03:25 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9037

It’s the end of our second day here at the medical clinic in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  We just finished unpacking all of the medicine, clothing, Bibles and other donated items into their proper places.  We are now in anticipation of serving the people of this city.  The clinic opens tomorrow morning, and this team is ready.

Yesterday, we joined in on a prayer meeting at the after school program Ageno. It was a blessing to see young people leading even younger people in God’s Word and worship.  A girl sitting towards the back of the room stood up and began to lead with the Creole version of “You Are My All In All’.  As you look around the room and see so many young people who’s lives have been impacted by the Gospel, you realize that they are God’s plan to lead their generation in Haiti to Christ. Though the service was completely in Creole and us foreigners could not fully understand, we were completely refreshed by God’s presence in that room.

During the weeks leading up to the trip, we prayed together as a team that God would unify us.  One of the ways I see God answering that prayer is the fact that if you have us all in the same room for too long, there’s gonna be a spontaneous worship session!  We worshipped together all the day long (Christmas carols included) as we prepared to receive the community tomorrow.  May the joy of the Lord continue to be this teams strength as we go into this week with willing hearts to be used of Him to bless others.

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Philippines, February 2017| God Moves https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-god-moves/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-god-moves/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 13:57:25 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9025
After conducting two medical dental missions in Zamboanguita and a teaching and activities at a ChildCry feeding center, we returned to Manila and ministered the following day at an early morning prayer meeting, we ministered to the women at their weekly women’s ministry fellowship and ministered at the youth crusade later that day.
The morning began with an early departure time of 6:30am as we headed to the prayer meeting at Christ The Living Word Church.  Hearts were poured out in intercession for various needs and God faithfully showed up. The more we serve our church family here and serve alongside these beautiful people it grew more evident that God is doing a unique work here and it is ALL His doing.   The women in the fellowship group shared pieces of their stories which gave us a window in on their love for God and their hearts to truly serve Him.
The youth at CTLWC, coordinated, worship and drama presentations to minister the love of Christ and salvation to their peers at a youth crusade held in the slums.  So many would pass by these children, youths and families but God never forgets. He will go to lengths to reach one.  The crusade was simply a symbolic banquet table the Lord prepared for those in the byways to come to Him.  The Youths of Christ the Living Word Church were bold in all their presentations and did not hold back from sharing the reality of Christ as Savior – His Love.  We saw Isaiah 58:12 as the living word as we see the youths in action – “Those from among you shall build the old waste places; You shall raise up the foundations of many generations, and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”  The Lord, through an act of obedience, stirred Pastor Mike and Dr. Malyn to raise up the foundation of a generation. Equipped by God through the power of the Holy Spirit, we see the hearts of children, youths and families drawn to serve Christ, knowing Him as Lord and Savior.  In return, the Lord raised up this lively bunch of youngsters to boldly proclaim His name in their communities and to their generation.   The Living Word! – All Glory to God!
I believe God allowed us to see Him in a deeper way, while being instruments of His love to many.  We visited the homes of many of the families from the church. We had a chance to pray and distribute grocery bags.  Our message was simple – you are not forgotten by God. He sees you.  He hears your cry and He has been faithful to deliver and will continue to because He loves you.  The home visits and prayer walk opened our eyes to see the heart of the ministry led by Pastor Mike and Dr. Malyn at Christ, The Living Church and the Care Channels.   The fruits of their labor are evident in the overflowing amount of kids and families being served through the word, ChildCry, medical dental missions and discipleship.   The night of the crusade, a little boy from the community sat with us and prompted a conversation.
Little Boy: “you love to dance”
Team member: “Yes, I love to dance.”
Little Boy: “Me too.”  (continued worshipping)
Little Boy: (tapping team member on the shoulder), “I love to sing about Jesus.”
Team member: (excitedly agreeing with John Mark): “ME TOO!”
Team member: (to little boy):   you love to dance, and I love to dance, let worship Jesus
(they began worshipping and other children joined.)
What joy and love the Lord engulfed these kids with. Even in difficult situations, they can joyfully smile, laugh and worship the one they have come to know as Lord and Savior!  How encouraging, yet we are even more challenged to serve God despite our hardships.  We are challenged to see God in every area of our lives.  We visited the home of a woman who lived in a very tiny space, dirt floors and barely anything at all in the space, yet she greeted us overwhelmed with gratitude that we would travel from far to give her a bag of grocery.  Her response was, “I am eternally grateful.”  Weeping, she said, “look around, I have nothing, but I have Jesus in my heart, so I have everything.”  This sums up the hearts of many families who have come to know Jesus through the work done by the ministry of Pastor Mike and Dr. Malyn – “We have Jesus, so we have everything.”    Singing… “let the week say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, because of what the Lord has done for us. Give thanks.”
Our team was challenged in many areas of our walk as God stretched us beyond our comfort and was so faithful in allowing us to see His word come alive as we choose to trust Him.   What struck us the most was the reality of James 1:27. It says this, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit the orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”  We saw pure religion in action as Dr. Malyn, Pastor Mike, the church team and the team of doctors and dentists give of themselves to serve the poor, the widows, the fatherless willing, and intentionally knowing what they do is all because of Him!  The medical dental team served 642 patients during the 4 outreaches conducted. What a blessing!
We head back to our lives in New York, knowing that life as we knew it, will never be the same. We are challenged to pray believing knowing God moves mountains.  We are challenged to see His word active in every area of our lives.  We know that God moves because God opened our eyes to see that in the lives of our Filipino church family and the lives of those we served.   God moves through obedience.
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Philippines, February 2017| He Gives His Beloved Rest https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-he-gives-his-beloved-rest/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-he-gives-his-beloved-rest/#respond Tue, 28 Feb 2017 19:07:49 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=9019

After two intense days of medical missions the team was able to enjoy a bit of R&R by visiting the Manjuyod White Sand Bar for a day of sun, sand, and sea urchins. Yes, we were able to taste this local delicacy.
The journey to the sand bar was an interesting experience to say the least in which all 17 members of the medical and dental team were snuggled close together in one jitney for the entire three hour ride. Let’s just say we all got real close, real fast. Once we reached the destination,  we were forced to take a leap of faith (LITERALLY) to get from the pier to the boat we would be traveling on. In what could only be described as a “Jesus take the wheel moment” we all made it safely on the boat. God was faithful in giving us a time of rest and wonderful time of fellowship with the medical and dental team.
The following day, we flew back to Manila for the next part of our ministry. God’s presence has been with us thus far and in many ways the recurring theme God has been putting on our hearts has been the song-Give Thanks. A beautiful reminder of God’s presence was as we were beginning to board for our flight to Manila, a blind musician  playing songs in the gate area began singing and playing our song-Give Thanks.
Once we reached Manila we visited the Care Channels facility with Dr. Malyn. It was inspiring to see the length this organization goes to for equipping and empowering the local community with development projects to ensure self sufficiency.  We also got to indulge in a bit of shopping at the store to buy truly unique, hand crafted goods. We pray that God will continue to bless the work and efforts of this organization.
And so we end this update with our hearts full of thanksgiving for what He has already done and believing Him for what is to come, we press onward to fulfill His purposes for us.

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Philippines, February 2017| Overwhelmed by His Goodness https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-overwhelmed-by-his-goodness/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-overwhelmed-by-his-goodness/#comments Fri, 24 Feb 2017 18:47:45 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8996
Every praise is unto our God! Every form of worship in one accord, every praise is to our God. Indeed, every form of worship is unto our God.
We were welcomed by the overwhelming attendance of kids and congregants at Christ The Living Word Church on Sunday. The main church were filled until the very end of the room. The children’s ministry was filled with 60+ little ones – truly the evidence of life in the church. The team ministered the word to the congregation of  100+ faithful congregants in testimony and the Word, urging them to make their lives an altar of worship, while the children upstairs were reminded that with God all things are possible!
The heart of Christ The Living Word Church –this family oriented church, is truly for the poor and discipleship. Many children are fed amazing meals at the church through ChildCry – Kuddos to the faithful women who tirelessly pour their love into each meal cooked. The joy seen on the children’s faces was priceless and irreplaceable.  It was equally incredible to see many youths involved in various aspects of ministry and love what they do.
We were tremendously blessed to serve alongside the youth leadership team to present a teaching and activity on the Prodigal, encouraging them to know God’s Love in a deeper way – The father lavishly gave the best to the son as he returned home, likewise God lavishly gave up His only Son, Jesus, to die on a cross so we can know and experience His love and in return share it with this dying world.  This vibrant youth group has a heart for the Lord, we are simply standing with the pastors believing that they will be revived, and live a fulfilled uncompromising life in Christ.
We are in awe of God as we see vividly what an act obedience can do in lives and through lives. Serve God with all your heart, pray, God speaks and simply move forward. This is the testimony that resonates in all acts of service initiated from the heart of God in obedient servants – Dr. Malyn and Pastor Mike.
Not knowing what to expect, we left Manila for Dumaguete, then travelled an hour to the village of Zamboanguita to assist in medical outreaches to the poor.  These team of doctors, dentists and nurses led by Dr. Maylin and Pastor Mike are hardcore and radical, the real deal! They love the Lord enough to make serving the poor a priority in the midst of their daily work. True servants in action- knowing that all they are given comes from God and it is not theirs to keep. We are challenged by their hearts for their people.  We served in 2 locations,  serving hundreds of people – medical checkups, oral surgery, tooth extractions, pharmaceutical assistance….WOWed! Glory to God for his strength and wisdom to minister to the needs of the people.
Please continue to pray for the work and Laborers here in the Philippines.  We are grateful to serve alongside this ministry and pray that as we present our few loaves and fishes to Him, we will see Him do the miraculous.
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Philippines, February 2017| Jetlagged but Worshipping https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-jetlagged-but-worshipping/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/philippines-february-2017-jetlagged-but-worshipping/#respond Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:00:56 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8967

The team of 4 arrived to the Philippines smoothly – Thank God for allowing us to catch our connecting flight and maneuvered an easy exit through immigration.  We arrived after 21 hours in the air, tired, jet lagged but worshipping. God has stirred this group to worship- to simply obey and trust Him, which became evident in the constant spontaneous songs that will erupt from a heart and quickly become a chorus- one voice.  There was gladness in the air and anticipation filled with excitement as we met our Beloved hosts – Pastor Mike and Dr. Malyn. What a beautiful couple!
We rested, well… somewhat – our bodies are still on Eastern Standard Time. We rested as best as we could, woke up, had an awesome sobering time before the Lord in our team devotions and nervously, but willingly anticipated the day ahead- our visit and ministering at the home churches in the slums and the home visits to the church members. Packed and ready to roll, we were detoured by monsoonish rainfall that quickly flooded the streets and the area we were to visit, hence the postponement to that area.
God had another plan. We spent the afternoon with the youths, the volunteers at Christ The Living Word Church in an earth shaking time of prayer and worship that would have gone one forever if we didn’t have to leave for dinner. It was great seeing their hearts for God and bonding with them before our days of ministry ahead.
Our team? Still weary and jet lagged, but once again worship uplifted the hearts. Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord and walk our days out here in the Philippines simply at His feet -hearing Him and moving accordingly.
We anticipate Seeing God’s miraculous wonders in the lives of those we encounter and in our very own lives. God is restoring an altar of Praise- Worship.

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Haiti, December 2016 | Retrospect https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016-retrospect/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016-retrospect/#comments Thu, 15 Dec 2016 03:33:54 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8955 God truly blessed us with unity and His love for one another and for the community. Within a short week we prayed for each other as well as encouraged each other and saw God’s hand moving among us and His spirit working in us.

Our God is amazing, as our team leader always reminds us: God does not ask us to be successful, only to be faithful. Once again we gained a deeper understanding of God’s word as Psalm 133 teaches us:
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.
It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

In retrospect, we worked hard and had fun; while busy serving the community, we managed to video a “Mannequin Challenge” during our 10 minutes break time!

https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016-retrospect/feed/ 1
Haiti, December 2016 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016-2/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016-2/#respond Wed, 14 Dec 2016 14:44:31 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8946

Our last days in Haiti were absolutely full of blessings. With God’s grace, the team’s unity had become stronger as we spent more time together. We praised the Lord for continuously speaking to us, uniting us as a team.

We continue to serve patients in the community on Wednesday and 97 patients visited the Clinique. Every morning the Clinique starts with sharing the word of God and prayers. God touched many souls on the day and a lot of them asked for a bible to learn more about Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! In the afternoon, a small session on dental hygiene was held for children from a nearby orphanage to teach how to floss and brush teeth.

On Thursday we visited a remote village where people rarely get a medical care. After about a 2-hour-drive on dusty roads, we arrived at the village and absolutely fell in love with the people there who had the best smile on the earth. We were able to give medical care and medications to 158 patients. It was a long trip, but God poured out His strength on each one of us to make the day without any problems or issues.

Seventy-one patients were treated on the last day at the Clinique. We give all the glory to our King in the heaven who empowered us to wrap up the week successfully. After the Clinique, we visited Museum of Haitian History where we learned more about Haiti’s history and values.

Looking at all the skyscrapers and advanced technologies all around, we are slowly taking in that we are not in Haiti anymore. We are going through a Haiti Withdrawal but we know that this wouldn’t be out last time visiting Haiti.

Please continue to pray with us for Haiti – for its spiritual healing and its revival. God is so faithful and we trust in Him that He will finish His work that He started.

God Bless you.

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Haiti, December 2016 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-december-2016/#respond Wed, 07 Dec 2016 03:37:20 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8934

It has already been 4 days since we, Haiti team, safely arrived to Port au Prince. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have been enjoying every single moment here. God has revealed Himself throughout our journey, and we would love to share some of the moments we experienced!

God is faithful.

After we arrived to the Clinique, we visited Ageno (meaning ‘by faith’ in Uganda language), an after-school program that started with Dr. Dave’s lead few years ago. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that unstable electricity, heat or anything could not be in our way to worship the Lord. We were so blessed to see God’s faithfulness, preparing the next generation of Haiti who knows Jesus Christ and will walk in His righteousness. The future of Haiti was there.

Mwen depann de ou, Jezi. (We depend on you, Jesus.)

The Sunday service was at Eglise le Village, a local church located in Delmas 75. We thank the Lord for the timely message that the only solution for all our problems is Jesus Christ.  C’est lui qui met fin à tous nos cauchemars. (It’s Him who ends our nightmares.)

The Complete Healing in Christ

In the book of Joshua, God commands Joshua to build cities of refuge so that anyone who kills a person accidently and unintentionally may flee there and find protection from the avenger of blood.  God allows the person to stay until the death of the high priest who is serving at that time. Then He says the person may go back to his own home in the town from which he fled. (Joshua 20:1-9)

How great our Lord’s mercy, grace and love are shown in this scripture! Not only does He provide the protection, but also He promises the healing so that the person can go back where he did wrong.

We pray that the Clinique may become a refuge that is described here. We pray that God touches each soul who enters into the Clinique with His warm embrace. We pray that the healing through the Holy Spirit starts in their lives. We pray that it continues until Jesus Christ heals them completely.

We humble ourselves in front of God with a hope that He will work through us; that the enormous love that we have experienced outflows to our neighbors.

The past two days at the Clinique have been great. We served 210 patients so far; 94 on the first day and 116 on the second. We are so excited what God will do for the rest of the week and can’t wait to share more stories.

God bless you.

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Something New https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/hello-neighbor/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/hello-neighbor/#comments Thu, 20 Oct 2016 15:04:11 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8883

What were you up to last night?

We were out here making friends in the neighborhood! From 6-8 the pastors and staff hosted an open house just for people living the area around our church. Our missions focus has long been across the oceans and to people around the world that need to know the love of Jesus. That continues to be deeply important to us as a community, and we will continue to support the work taking place internationally.

But last night was special in a different way. The doors to 237 were flung open after hours, and people came, either because they received an invitation in the mail or because we said hello as they walked by on the sidewalk. We invited them in for refreshments, a tour of the theater and a chat with our pastors. There are so many beautiful people in this city, and people that don’t know Jesus, living right next door. Pray as we continue to invite our neighbors to get to know us and the God we love.

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Raven Ministry | October 2016 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/raven-ministry-october-2016/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/raven-ministry-october-2016/#respond Tue, 18 Oct 2016 16:17:12 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8875

It’s one of the most famous places on earth. At any time of day the crush of tourists, bus tour workers, commuters and street vendors in Times Square is enough to make your head spin. While the rest of us are struggling through the crowd and trying to get home, the Raven Ministry, also known as ‘Foot Soldiers,’ is just getting started.

So many people who are homeless and spending their days on the streets in Times Square and Port Authority and the team has so many opportunities to show them love and offer help.

Recent highlight: the team encountered David, a young Jewish, homeless man whose 5-year old daughter was killed in a suicide bus bombing in Israel. After a conversation about the bible and a time of prayer, he accepted Yeshua (JESUS) as Lord of his life!  David’s perspective as a Jewish man blessed and encouraged the team in their understanding of Christ’s sacrifice before he actually surrendered to Christ himself!

WOW. Talk about a ROAR and a SHOUT of PRAISE!

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Colombia 2016 | Sometimes Ministry Is Just Spending Time https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-2016sometimes-ministry-is-just-spending-time/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-2016sometimes-ministry-is-just-spending-time/#respond Mon, 10 Oct 2016 12:57:14 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8864

Often when we think of a missions trip, we think of bold missionaries hitting the streets and boldly proclaiming the gospel.  And, while this is sometimes the picture of missions, often the call to missions is really the call to be willing to spend time with someone.  This week our team had the opportunity to experience the ministry of “spending time” when we joined the ladies of the women’s program on their weekly outing.

We spent an afternoon with the ladies at a very beautiful nature park, walking the hiking trails and having lunch by a river.  During this time outside of the Foundation’s building we were able to relax with the ladies and discover so much about their personalities.  We were able to see who was the prankster and who were the adventurers as different ones played tricks on others or choose to do a tight rope activity at the park.  It was such a beautiful afternoon surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation and getting to see the beauty in each of the women.

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Colombia, 2016 | Women at Work https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-2016-women-at-work/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/colombia-2016-women-at-work/#respond Sat, 08 Oct 2016 13:03:59 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8845

Today was a full but rewarding day.  Our team was able to spend several hours with the women in the rehabilitation program.  After sharing a devotion with them in the morning we were able to spend several hours teaching the women how to cut and make simple skirts. The women’s enthusiasm about learning to sew blessed my heart and made our weeks of planning and preparing worth it.  We were originally scheduled to spend 2 hours with the ladies in the morning; however, the ladies wanted to continue after lunch.  Then as dinner time approached, and the afternoon lesson was winding down the ladies wanted to know if we would be willing to continue after dinner!  That was music to our ears because it meant that we could spend more time with these precious ladies and be a blessing to them. After all that was the reason for our coming to Colombia.

Our time sewing with the ladies also made me think of believers who sometimes believe that they are too old to serve or have nothing to give on the mission field.   This is so not true.  One of our team members is a senior citizen and she has been an integral part of our team.  In fact, our sewing lessons would not have come about without her.  Her willingness to step out and go on mission at her age, meant that the team and the ladies of Colombia can partake in her dressmaking skills.  God is able to use any of us, we just simply have to be willing.  Be bold, take the step and go!!!

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Colombia, 2016 | Make The Most With What You’ve Got! https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/make-the-most-with-what-youve-got/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/make-the-most-with-what-youve-got/#respond Thu, 06 Oct 2016 12:05:38 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8825

If life at Ciudad Refugio were a television series, the phrase “Make the most with what you’ve got” would some how be part of the lyrics.  I say this because in some ways Ciudad Refugio is like a well-oiled machine where things are done in smart and efficient ways so as to maximize whatever resources God provides for the ministry.

A big example of that is the 5 story building which houses a garage, a homeless shelter, a church, a men’s rehab/discipleship program, a woman’s program, a bakery/café; a commercial kitchen, staff and intern housing and a rooftop soccer field.

On top of fitting all of these things together in one building, Ciudad Refugio is engaged in ministries outside the building.  The staff and interns at Ciudad Refugio regularly reach out to approximately 150 children in two neighborhoods. Many of these children are also bused to the church on Sunday morning.  Also, in addition to the men’s/women’s rehab program, there is a transitional program after the 1-year discipleship program during which some program graduates can stay on and continue to learn transitional skills. In some cases, these men and women receive leadership training and sometimes wind up serving on staff.

The Ciudad Refugio further maximizes its resources by utilizing rain water for things like flushing toilets and washing the floors, so as to reduce overhead cost.  Also, the classroom areas of the building were positioned so as to maximize sunlight and reduce electricity cost. And on top of all this, the Ciudad Refugio partners with local businesses to provide skills-based opportunities for the men and women in the program.

It is really awesome to see how God has given Pastor Douglas and his team great wisdom as they seek to help those who are desperate for help. If you are even remotely interested in missions and would like to see what God is willing and able to do through surrendered lives, be sure to sign up for the next short term trip to Colombia.

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Ethiopia, 2016 | True Healing https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/ethiopia-2016-true-healing/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/ethiopia-2016-true-healing/#comments Wed, 05 Oct 2016 16:00:25 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8851

The next day we spent the day at healing hands of joy.  Healing hands of joy is a non-profit based in Ethiopia that helps fistula survivors.  Through hard work and awareness campaigns they are able to provide the ladies with skills training, basic education on raising animals, counseling and ambassador training.  Ambassadors encourage women in their local village to get proper obstetric care and to give  birth at the hospitals to avoid complications.

The women at Healing Hands of Joy  were excited.  We were greeted with three kisses, one on each cheek, a traditional Ethiopian greeting.  Each of us received a bundle of flowers hand picked  by the ladies.  We spent time loving on them and taking photographs with them.  They were amused with how they looked in photographs.

After greeting each other we were to take part in a coffee ceremony.  The coffee beans are roasted in a pan over hot coals by hand.  We sat in a large circle in the office with the women and had an opportunity to hear there stories.  Pregnant at a young age, their bodies not able to deliver the baby they ended up afflicted with fistula.  Some lived for 18 years with fistula while others only for four months. All were abandoned by their husbands and put to live in separate quarters from their families, if they have family.

We drank coffee.  We cried.  We laughed.  We thanked God for His love.

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Colombia, 2016 | How Many People Can You Fit Into a Truck? https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/how-many-people-can-you-fit-into-a-truck/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/how-many-people-can-you-fit-into-a-truck/#respond Tue, 04 Oct 2016 19:19:50 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8828

Question: How many people can you fit into a truck?

Answer: It depends.

At the Ciudad Refugio Foundation, this question has become very important.  You see, due to the growth of their children’s ministry to include weekly Saturday outreaches to approximately 150 kids many of whom need to be bused into the church on Sunday mornings, the ministry has an urgent need for a van.  While they continue to wait upon the Lord’s provision, the Foundation’s staff has had to get very creative in fitting as many people into a truck as possible.  While this can sometimes feel exciting and fun; the Foundation’s staff recognizes that this is not the best thing do.  Therefore the Foundation is in the process of raising funds to purchase a much needed van in order to safely transport the children to church each Sunday.   The van will also be used in their outreaches to the homeless and in transporting missionaries.

If you are interested in helping the Ciudad Refugio to purchase a van to transport the children to church, please click the button below.


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Colombia, 2016 | We’re Here! https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/were-here/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/were-here/#respond Sun, 02 Oct 2016 18:55:19 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8823

We’re here!! After a long day of traveling our small team of three women have finally arrived in Medellin, Colombia.   It’s such a blessing to be able to see firsthand the work that God is doing.  Even though I had previously watched the TSC videos on this anchor project, I really didn’t understand the vastness of the work that is being done here.

Life at the Ciudad Refugio is busy.  There are many people serving here, in many different ways.  There are TSC long term missionaries, national missionaries from different parts of Colombia, missionary interns from Summit International School of Ministry and interns from as far away as Germany.  So many different people united by the desire to be God’s hands and feet to men, women and children who need to encounter God in a personal way.

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Ethiopia, 2016 | The Journey Begins https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/ethiopia-2016-the-journey-begin/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/ethiopia-2016-the-journey-begin/#respond Sat, 01 Oct 2016 13:36:01 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8809

After a sixteen hour flight we landed at the airport in Addis Ababa.  In an attempt to find our driver we used signs and extravagant gestures, the locals laughed.  As we walked out of the airport the smell of burnt rubber and spices filled the atmosphere.  We eventually found him, Teddy, a soft spoken and stylish young man.  It was quiet walk to the van with only the faint bustling of the trees in the distance.  He helped us load our luggage and we drove through the dark night, windows open and fresh air blowing gently on our faces.  Once at the hotel we laid to rest. We were to visit the place where fistula advocacy really began in Ethiopia, the Hamlin Fistula Hospital.

It was difficult to sleep through the night because we all were so excited to visit the hospital.  We loaded in the van and were anxious to soak in all the sights on our way.  Addis Ababa is bustling.  The streets are busy, there are many vendors and unique beautiful people everywhere.  The poor and the rich are all blended together.  As we arrived to the hospital the bustling noise stopped.  The birds chirping added to the peaceful serene setting  that is the Hamlin Fistula Hospital.  The woman were beautiful.  They wore colorful and bright knitted shawls, had skin of perfection but many still wore sadness and hesitation on their face.  They have suffered in ways unimaginable.

In the remote villages there is a lack of proper obstetrical care.  When a woman goes into labor it can last for days if the birth canal can not deliver the baby for various anatomical reasons.  This is called an “obstructed labor”.  The baby then dies within its mother’s  womb.  After days the women are left with no child and some develop what is called a fistula.  The fistula is an abnormal connection between the bladder and vagina and/or rectum.  As a result they leak urine and or feces without the ability to control it.  They are ostracized from their families due to the smell, their husbands leave them and they are left to spend life alone.   Through ambassadors and word of mouth they come from miles away, saving months to afford the transportation wages.  Some travel for days to reach the hospital in hopes to have the corrective surgery.  Many are cured, some are not.  I’m sorry to disappoint but we could not take any photos of the women.

The fistula patients made beautiful shawls and baskets.  It was a religious holiday here but the shop keeper was gracious enough to open it for us.  We were able to help support them by purchasing a few scarves, baskets and embroidered materials. The proceeds go directly  to the women to help them with whatever small business they would like to start at home.

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From The Ground of Louisiana https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/from-the-ground-of-louisiana/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/from-the-ground-of-louisiana/#respond Tue, 20 Sep 2016 14:20:30 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8801

A team of 8 left Sunday to go down to Louisiana to help out with the disaster relief in the flooded East Baton Rouge area. They will be gutting out the damaged houses, removing trashes and, above all else, supporting the community spiritually and emotionally. Remember them in your prayer as they get their feet wet and hands dirty throughout this week.

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Haiti, 2016 | In Retrospect https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-2016-in-retrospect/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-2016-in-retrospect/#respond Thu, 15 Sep 2016 21:31:09 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8792

The OnCall team had gone back to New York last week and I stayed behind for another week to encourage the Haiti team on the ground and to view the clinic in its usual operation.  During the five half-day clinic sessions last week, we gave medical care to 159 persons.  Many of our patients came in for their Diabetes and Hypertension follow up and medication while our older patients were happy to receive reading glasses.

A 17 year old girl came to see us and required an emergency room visit last.  She was limp, glassy eyed and unresponsive to pain upon examination.  Tests showed that there was nothing medically wrong with her.  We noticed that at her follow-up visit to the clinic she was sad, with a “far away” look.  A team member prayed with her and we continued to pray for her during our stay.  We wonder if the source of her medical problems are non-medical.

During the first 2 days of the second week, 64 people have already received medical care and medications over the two half-day clinic sessions.  We are grateful for every donation and trust God to provide all our needs so that we can continue to provide quality care for the poor and disadvantaged.

~ Nancy H.

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Haiti, 2016 | For Such a Time as This https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-2016-for-such-a-time-as-this/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-2016-for-such-a-time-as-this/#respond Sat, 10 Sep 2016 16:07:48 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8785

A Gideon’s army sized team of ladies went to Haiti earlier this month and spend a week at our OnCall Clinic in Port-au-Prince.

Right now public hospitals are closed because of lack of funds so the poor have very limited options when sick. On Monday an elderly  lady came to the clinic in cardiac distress. Sister Onelia prayed for her as she cried out to Jesus in her discomfort. One of the clinic staff escorted her to a private hospital where the clinic will take care of her medical needs as we continue to pray for her healing.

You just never know when God calls you for such a time as this.

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Zambia, 2016 | Our Last Weekend https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-our-last-weekend/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-our-last-weekend/#comments Fri, 02 Sep 2016 17:45:06 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8765

On Friday we had a “FunDay” with the street boys. We collaborated with Chisomo, a drop-in center for street kids in Lusaka and brought in about 40 boys to their facility. The staff at Chisomo were incredibly welcoming, they helped us make breakfast sandwiches, as well as lead devotion, and play relay races with the boys. The kids also had a chance to design their own T-shirts. They received brand new white T-shirts and were able to decorate them using fabric markers, fabric paint, stencils and their creativity. As we walked around the center we noticed this was indeed their favorite activity of the day. Finally they have a sense of ownership and a brand new item of clothing that they can wear proudly!

Saturday morning was quite a learning experience for our team! We went to Teen Challenge Lusaka, a drug & alcohol rehabilitation center about an hour away from the city center, to visit Samuel, a former street kid whom Luis and Myranda met during their street outreach. Samuel had been there for over four months, and was eagerly anticipating our arrival since he has no family and rarely ever gets visits. When we arrived he gave us a tour of the center, showing us where he sleeps, his schedule of activities, their vegetable garden, their farm with chickens and goats, and the chapel where the boys have service. The center houses 16 boys and is looking to expand in the future. Samuel explained to us how much the center has helped him become a better person, and overcome his addiction.

Looking at Samuel on one side, 4 months into his sobriety, beaming hope and peace and the assurance of his identity and future; then looking at Joe on the other side, our interpreter and a great help to the Morales’ ministry, a fruit of Teen Challenge himself, the unspeakable joy written all over his face seeing his former street buddy totally transformed. All these just reminded us of how good and faithful our God is and how wonderful His grace is to us.

Later that evening was our final outreach with the street kids. We couldn’t believe that a week had already gone by! The kids have grown so much on us, we felt as if we’ve known them for forever. Each one of us gave a special message towards the children as our final farewell. Afterwards, the children shared a few kind words with us. Many of them said they appreciated all of the help we gave throughout the week; others told us they would miss us dearly, and hope to visit us in America. They called us Uncle and Auntie as a sign of respect and love. After we shared out the food, we took final pictures with the kids and they sang a good-bye song to us. Tears were shed, hugs exchanged, and finally it was time to leave.

Zambia was without a doubt a heartwarming and incredible experience. God exceeded our
expectations and answered all of our prayers. He once again showed us that His love is greater than any challenge or circumstance that we will ever face. We are so grateful to have been a part of this journey, and we pray that God will continue His work through Luis and Myranda, as they are led by His Holy Spirit to reach the street kids of Lusaka.

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Project Focus – India https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/project-focus-india/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/project-focus-india/#comments Tue, 30 Aug 2016 16:56:02 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8782

The Joshua House is doing well. The five boys—Vishwas and his little brother, Samir, along with Raj, Sumit, and Manish, have adjusted and are thankful for their new home.

Vishwas and Samir saw their home destroyed and all of their family except their father killed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Initially, when they came to the Light House, they were very angry and would never smile. And upon coming to the Joshua House, Vishwas told the house Pramod, “I will only worship Ganesh.”

Pramod wisely told him, “That is fine. I cannot tell you whom you will worship. But you must know, in this home, Jesus Christ will be recognized as the only true and living God. At meal times, it is He whom will be thanked for all He has blessed us with.”

Knowing the poor and abusive conditions in the hostel from which Vishwas and Samir had been rescued, Pramod went on to ask, “What was the home like that Ganesh provided for you? Do you like this beautiful home, plentiful food, school and loving family that my Jesus has provided for you?”

Within two days, Vishwas had asked Jesus into his heart. He now looks forward to the daily family devotions when the Joshua House family gathers together to sing songs of worship, pray, and read God’s Word!

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Zambia, 2016 | Night on the Street https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-night-on-the-street/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-night-on-the-street/#respond Sat, 27 Aug 2016 02:11:12 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8713

The vibe on the streets of Lusaka changes drastically after sundown. Northmead, an up and coming neighborhood during the day with various stores, restaurants and banks turns into a market place for prostitution and sleeping ground for the street kids at night. Once a week the Morales & Co. come at night with food and love, telling the kids about Jesus and how much He loves them, while indescriptive cars circling around the block examining girls on the other side of the street like vultures hunting for preys. At our first night outreach on Monday, we saw many kids we had just seen earlier in the morning in that busy market place. Most of them are “regular” so they know the rule – no plastic bottles if you want to join us. Still some in their clouded mind refused to give up that clear substance that is corroding their lives way, and in that case we had to ask (sometimes force) them to leave.

We came back the next night and by this time a few kids have started to open up and told us about their life. While our team member Norie shared her story to the kids, another teammate Daniel noticed an unfamiliar face standing outside our circle, staring at our direction with despair all over his face. He went over to talk to him and found out this young man Bryan had just been released from prison this morning, had no place to go and no hope for the future. He said he didn’t think God can forgive him for what he has done and he was about to end his life that night. With the help of our translator, Daniel was able to share the Gospel with Bryan and led him to Christ right there and then.

Wednesday evening we had our third night outreach with the street kids. We met up in the same spot and were welcomed by them. By that time, their faces were familiar to us and they recognized us as friends. We hugged, talked about our day, and made sure they weren’t doing any drugs. For praise and worship we truly felt the presence of God encamp around us. Singing “No One like Jesus” in their dialect, a street kid led us into worship. We saw some lifting up their hands and closing their eyes as they sang praises to our God. One of the kids stood up and began singing “The cross before me, the world behind me, No turning back no turning back”. What an awesome sight to see a child, homeless with no parents, singing freely with such a big smile. After worship, we shared a testimony and distributed the food and water. Some of the kids ate half of the food, and put the rest in a plastic bag so they could have food for the following day. Leaving outreaches is now becoming more difficult for us. Waving “goodbye” and giving a hug is almost painful because these kids have now grown on us so heavily. They smile and cheer when we arrive, and ask us when they will see us again when we leave. Although we’ve done six outreaches within a matter of three days, and our bodies are physically tired, spiritually we are overflowing with the love and peace of God. We came to bless these children, but in actuality, they are blessing this team.

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Zambia, 2016 | Life on The Streets of Lusaka https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-life-on-the-streets-of-lusaka/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-life-on-the-streets-of-lusaka/#respond Thu, 25 Aug 2016 02:29:07 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8712

Monday was the jumpstart of street outreaches for the week. Myranda led our team to the busy streets of Lusaka where we went through the market and saw people selling various goods on the streets. The market is also a popular hangout for the street kids primarily because there’s an abundance of food to steal and eat. Winding through the market place not knowing what to expect, we found a group of thirty street kids lounging on Chachacha Road. This was our very first encounter with the street kids. Some of their faces looked weary and worn from the heat and possibly malnutrition; others found a cozy spot in the midst of rocks and broken glass and had fallen asleep on the ground. Many of them had bottles called “stickers” hidden beneath their clothes. These “stickers” are basically their drug, a liquid substance that is put inside of a plastic bottle to sniff and get high. They looked at our unfamiliar faces and some approached us with a “hello” or a handshake. Myranda and Joe, the outreach coordinator for Streetwise, knew many of the kids and introduced us to them. At first it was difficult to see how hard poverty had struck these kids. However, for the next hour we shared testimonies, played games such as Simon Says and they even taught us a game of their own! One small child came with an open wound on his head as a result of a recent fight. Myranda casually walked across the street to a nearby pharmacy, bought some first-aid supplies and treated the wound. When it was time for us to go, we told the kids to come to Northmead that same evening where we would be giving out food and water.

Tuesday morning our team along with Luis, Joe, and a few members of his local church visited the town of Chibolya. Chibolya is known as the worst impoverished neighborhood in Lusaka. We were warned to leave all of our belongings, including phones and watches behind to prevent any discord with the residents. We got to the same market we visited the day before, walked past the market square to get to Chibolya, arriving where seemed like a separate world from Lusaka. The wind constantly blew dust in our faces. Tons of broken glass met our every foot step, piles of trash scattered across the ground, shacks representing their homes ran across the entire town. Women and children sat on the ground, selling whatever they could and the smell of heavy smoke and burnt garbage circulated the area. The first shack we went to was a crack house. Joe knew the men there so they greeted us with sincerity and invited us inside while rolling a mixture of weeds and other substance. We walked deeper into the neighborhood and found a spot to speak to the crowd. An older woman who was a former street kid greeted our team and gave us chairs and buckets and concrete blocks to sit on. She gathered the people to sit down and listen to what we had to share. It was a blessing to see the older women such as mothers and grandmothers listening attentively to the message Priscilla, our team leader, was airing. They shouted “amen” and “Jesus” in agreement to her message. Anyone could tell that their spirits were stirred and they needed to hear from us. Even the boys and young children couldn’t stop hugging us and thanking us for coming. Before we left we prayed with them and wrote down their names and prayer requests. The need is definitely great, but the hunger for Christ is greater.

Wednesday was dedicated to the girls. We partnered with Radio Christian Voice and brought nail supplies, make-up, hair accessories, and arts and crafts for the girls to have their very own beauty day! At the Streetwise Shop we set up stations for each activity and also prepared sandwiches and juice for breakfast. As Luis and Priscilla drove to town to pick up the street girls, the rest of us and ladies from Radio Christian Voice went to a nearby neighborhood to invite girls to the shop! With the permission from their parents, we were able to gather about 20 young girls from the neighborhood. We started with worship songs then breakfast. Afterwards, we divided the girls into separate stations. At the nail station, girls received manicures in colors and designs of their choice. At the make-up station, they had a chance to wear eye shadow and lipstick. They also styled their hair with fancy floral headbands! In arts and crafts, they drew a picture of their personal vision for their future. We wanted the girls to see themselves outside of their current life, and see a future of hope and a better life. As we interacted with the girls, they shared with us personal stories about their life on the street. One girl, Paulina, had just been choked by a group of thugs on the street the night before. She came to the shop agitated and with no voice, but ultimately after her makeover and speaking with us, she had the biggest smile on her face. Before we wrapped up the day, we distributed goody bags and as the girls looked inside there was such a burst of excitement. They jumped up and down and embraced us with a hug. By the end of the day our team was indeed worn out by the amount of kids and activities that were taken place. But we knew it was all worth it.

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OnCall, August 2016 | Health in the Urban Community https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/oncall-august-2016-health-in-the-urban-community/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/oncall-august-2016-health-in-the-urban-community/#respond Tue, 23 Aug 2016 03:38:52 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8700

OnCall participated in the 2016 Community Fun Fest (formerly known as Findlay Avenue) in the Bronx, New York.  The team had their usual screenings for high blood pressure and blood sugar. But our emphasis this year is to point people to Jesus Christ, the healer of all sicknesses and the answer to all the issues of the heart and mind. At the end of all the screenings, we refer people to our prayer station where OnCall members listened and prayed with individuals. We also had a health education table for nutrition and oral health. The “think before you drink” poster, which showed the amount of sugar in what we drink, was enough to lure people in conversations about healthy eating. We saw 58 people in our health screening, not counting those who stopped by and received health education. More importantly, almost everyone that went through our health screenings heard about Jesus.

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Zambia, 2016 | First 48 hours https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-first-48-hours/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/zambia-2016-first-48-hours/#respond Sun, 21 Aug 2016 16:34:02 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8689

After weeks of prayer and preparation for our trip, our team of four has finally made it to the beautiful land of Zambia! You could only imagine our excitement as we stepped off the plane and realized that our mission trip had just began. At the airport, Luis Morales greeted us with open arms and informed us that he and his family were all anticipating our arrival.

When we arrived at their home, we received a warm welcome from the Morales family.  Myranda embraced us with her bubbly personality, and their three lovely daughters Amira, Brooklyn, and Hannah all gave us warm hugs. To be quite honest, we were totally exhausted from our long flights. To accommodate us, Myranda cooked us a delicious dinner and we ended the night with a heartfelt prayer for the people of Lusaka. We have great expectations for what God is about to do and even with an itinerary planned for the next 10 days, our mission is to be led by God and to submit to His will during our entire stay here.

On Saturday morning we kicked off our trip by visiting a local neighborhood in which the Morales family continues to make frequent visits to. We were led by two residents of that neighborhood who work closely with Luis and Myranda at their shop. As we walked through the roads we noticed women outside cooking small meals in pots, children running without shoes and wearing clothes that barely fit. Piles of garbage were aligned on the streets and were being burnt due to sanitation being nonexistent in that area. Small grocery shops were scattered throughout the neighborhood and cars passed by on the dusty roads. On every corner we turned, children greeted us with big smiles and followed us to the home where we were going to host VBS.

We started VBS with about 20 children from the ages of 3-13. Within the first fifteen minutes, we had over 70 children surrounding us in a small lot in front of a home. We sang praise and worship songs in both English and in their African dialect. We taught them new songs and played games. We even had a few children volunteer to be actors as I told the story of the prodigal son and Joe, an evangelist from that neighborhood, interpreted. We ended the outreach by giving out balloons to every child. Words cannot describe seeing how their faces lit up when they blew their balloon and started playing with it. They were running around laughing and cheering because of their new gifts. I thought to myself, to us it’s just a balloon, but to them this was a brand new toy they saw as a precious prize. “Are you guys coming back?” a child asked. “When will we see you again?” Another questioned. Needless to say we were overwhelmed with joy.

Later in the afternoon, we were given a tour of Streetwise Co. the shop the Morales opened that helps reach the children of Lusaka. Both Myranda and Luis told us stories of the different children who come into the shop; homeless, orphans, physically wounded, starving, selling groceries to pay for school, addicted to drugs, and so much more misfortunes. Through their ministry, they allow these children to come into the shop to learn how to build and paint wooden products that are sold in the markets. Our team had the pleasure of assisting Myranda with some of these crafts by painting different boards.

This evening is the party time! We had dinner with several friends of the Morales family and had a great time listening to everyone’s story of how and why they came to Zambia. A lawyer who defends children in prison, a couple who give their time towards a Christian radio station, and a young man who left his home in the U.S. to work with children in Lusaka were just a few of the people we were joined with that night. At that moment I realized that we all have the same purpose, the same mission, the same call – to reach as many hearts as we can. How awesome it was to see that we all made the conscious selfless decision to put aside our own needs, and commit our minds to the work of the Lord. Our hearts are expectant and we are ready for what God has in store. Jesus guide us through this journey in Zambia, and let it be one we will always remember.

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A Taste of ChildCry | July 2016 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/a-taste-of-childcry-july-2016/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/a-taste-of-childcry-july-2016/#respond Thu, 11 Aug 2016 21:19:28 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8679

You know that moment during the 10AM service when your stomach decides it’s time for lunch? But there’s still half an hour left and you’re struggling to focus on the message? We’ve all been there!

Which is one of the reasons we thought ‘A Taste of ChildCry’ would be a fun way to educate ourselves about ChildCry, a ministry of Times Square Church that feeds hungry kids. After the 10AM service, several of us met up in Room 205 for a free sample of rice and beans (one of the most common meals our kids are fed), live music and informal discussion about ChildCry.

Here’s a snapshot of the afternoon! Thanks to all who came, who gave, and who signed up for follow-up. Thanks for helping us feed hungry kids.


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Alaska, 2016 | In a Nutshell https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/august-2016-alaska-in-a-nutshell/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/august-2016-alaska-in-a-nutshell/#comments Tue, 09 Aug 2016 02:37:32 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8672

It seems like only yesterday that we began preparing for our missions trip; however, the day of departure came and collectively, we can say we were open to anything God wanted us to do; therefore, our group of thirteen embarked with very little expectations, because we believed God could do exceedingly above and beyond our expectations.

From day one, our schedules were busy from making sure we all woke up on time in order to spend time with each other, do our devotionals and go over the day, to serving at the Frontline Mission with the preparation of hot meals for people in need, as well as shopping for food and carrying their grocery bags to their cars AND helping them wash their clothes while they showered. We also had a mini manicure and pedicure spa, which was taken advantage by three precious little girls.

We continued on to the Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home where we got to sing Amazing Grace and America the Beautiful to name but a few and were also able to spend time with a group of WWII Veterans. It was an honor listening to their stories and praying for and with them.

Sunday we also had a full schedule. Our brother Bill shared the Word at Glad Tidings Church and as a group, we were able to pray for those people in need.  That same evening we went to the Rescue Mission (mostly men) where we had two of our team members Pablo and Bill share their testimonies and a few men came to Christ.

Serving in Alaska and planting seeds of God’s Love and Word was a blessing and honor and we are, God-willing, looking forward to next year.

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Milwaukee 2016 | This Is Why We Go https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/milwaukee-2016-this-is-why-we-go/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/milwaukee-2016-this-is-why-we-go/#comments Fri, 22 Jul 2016 14:39:16 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8666 “I didn’t talk with one person who didn’t welcome what was going on in the neighborhood tonight.” – Coreen Zell, TMJ4 reporter.

On the 4th day after our team arrived at Milwaukee, they caught the eyes of local news.

Jesus said, “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.” On the streets of Milwaukee God is drawing sons, fathers and the fatherless to Himself. Our team is witnessing the power of the Gospel as they bring the message of hope to the hurting communities, and people walk away changed.

The music draws people out of their homes while testimonies from former drug dealers and addicts gets them to listen and sometimes relate. “We tell our stories. We do it in the form of urban music in a way that the streets can understand the language… They connect with us because we don’t sugar coat.  We don’t dumb it down.  It’s like this is real stuff that we’re going through. This is life. This is life and death on the streets.”

Remember those 20 young people in your prayer, they have another full week of hitting the streets 3 times a day until the grand finale – Nicky Cruz rally on July 30th. Let’s stand with Milwaukee, go to the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole from us!

~ video copyright WTMJ-TV Milwaukee 


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Only Love Can Do That https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/only-love-can-do-that/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/only-love-can-do-that/#respond Mon, 11 Jul 2016 14:13:01 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8657

Look at this bunch of fine young men and women! From July 18-31 they will be in Milwaukee partnering with Nicky Cruz Outreach for a 2-week long street outreach, sharing the Good News in hip-pop music, spoken words and with one on one evangelism.

If you are not aware of, Milwaukee is one of the 10 most dangerous cities in the United States with increasing violence in robberies and aggravated assaults. We know there is only one cure to all the problems in humanity and that is the Good News of Jesus Christ through His shed blood. This team of 20 young people is determined to let the city of Milwaukee know about it and to experience the Love of God themselves.

“Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only Love can do that.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And the only true love is God.

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France, June 2016 | Reflections https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/8644-2/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/8644-2/#respond Sun, 26 Jun 2016 14:25:28 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8644

As I sat on the eight hour plane returning to New York from France, I was able to reflect on some of the highlights of this trip.

First- what an amazing team. God has truly blessed this trip with some amazing brothers and sisters in Christ( TSC and French team) ; what an honor it was to serve alongside them. What an answer to prayer, to have been able to evangelize together as a unified body in Christ.

Second – France and its citizens are beautiful. We have encountered so many souls that are seeking more than this world has to offer. Seeking a purpose. Our team was able to travel to several towns within south france to evangelize. Moissac, Cahor, and Toulouse were filled with seeking hearts and what a blessing it was to share the gospel as well as invite people to the gospel concert the church held.

Third – Prayer , prayer , and more prayer was key during this trip. We prayed amongst each other , before heading into the streets of France , and after we returned to thank God always for what he has done and can do. Staying in the word and prayer was how we stayed connected to Christ. In doing so he directed our steps , our lips , and our hearts. I am reminded of Hebrews 11:6 :

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

During this trip I was able to see the Lord do a new thing within my team and use them as his vessels and witnesses. I was able to witness the Lord use the Team in France to be a blessing , humbly serving us and those around them. I was also able to see the work of the Lord within myself. He has brought me to places I thought I would never go, all to share the glory of his name. What an amazing trip ! I have been blessed on my first missions trip to have seen God move in France.

Although I was to sad to leave , I am thankful for the experience and meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray the Lord continues to bless us all as we continue to share his word on both sides of the world!

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Haiti, June 2016 | Reflections https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2016-reflections/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2016-reflections/#respond Fri, 24 Jun 2016 13:30:04 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8623

As we end our missions trip, we have seen and treated over 700 patients throughout the week. Here are some reflections from our team members:

Jessie –
This is my first trip to Haiti. I was really touched in the entire trip by the unity among the team and the staff. I hope this isn’t the last time I see my team and the staff. I loved the trip to the rural town. It was a privilege to serve the communities of Haiti.

Lola –
I am so happy to be here. This morning (it was Friday), I woke up and thought, “wow it is done.” I wish it was longer. But I am so glad I came. Thank you to all. Dr. Dave is a good leader. Thanks for knowing my team. It was a pleasure to work with you (all).

Christina –
I always had a little nervousness initially because you are all a stranger to me. It’s interesting to observe how everyone played a part. God specifically anointed each one in the team with a task.

Ji –
I am so thankful to the leadership, the clinic staff and the missions teams. The OnCall team really lifted my spirit and was such an encouragement in times when I couldn’t go further. We couldn’t have done what we did without the unity of the team. Thank God.

Pauline –
I came to Haiti for the first time a few months after the earthquake and served the community of Delmas. During this second trip, I saw how God turned a mobile medical program into a permanent clinic serving the community. I also saw how God has taken the local translators from the then into Godly men, serving fully for His work. In the midst of a community filled with hopelessness and have been held in darkness, this clinic and everyone who works in it has become what is mentioned in Isaiah 58: 12, ” your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”

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Haiti, June 2016 | Dusty Travel https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2016-dusty-travel/ https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/haiti-june-2016-dusty-travel/#respond Wed, 22 Jun 2016 19:14:30 +0000 https://tscmissions.tscnyc.org/?p=8611

Lola’s, one of the team members, birthday fell on the week of our trip. Little did she knew that the entire team plotted a birthday surprise with cake, ice cream and song. The lights went out as if we had another electricity black out. Suddenly, the birthday candle lights appeared as a team member carried her cake into the room, and we began to sing. Boy, was she surprised and brought her to tears, feeling all the love by her teammates.

The highlight of our midweek happened on Wednesday. We traveled for 2 hours on dusty and rocky roads to a town called Thomazeau. During our mobile clinic, we served over 200 patients – from the adorable little baby to the cute elderly couple who have been married for at least 30 years. The only man who spoke English said that they don’t have access to medical services and these medical mission teams are their only means of care. We asked how often teams come. His response was…every 3 months. Despite this lack, the people were very grateful that we came and are willing to wait for countless of hours to see a doctor and get medicines.

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