Raven Ministry | October 2016

It’s one of the most famous places on earth. At any time of day the crush of tourists, bus tour workers, commuters and street vendors in Times Square is enough to make your head spin. While the rest of us are struggling through the crowd and trying to get home, the Raven Ministry, also known as ‘Foot Soldiers,’ is just getting started.

So many people who are homeless and spending their days on the streets in Times Square and Port Authority and the team has so many opportunities to show them love and offer help.

Recent highlight: the team encountered David, a young Jewish, homeless man whose 5-year old daughter was killed in a suicide bus bombing in Israel. After a conversation about the bible and a time of prayer, he accepted Yeshua (JESUS) as Lord of his life!  David’s perspective as a Jewish man blessed and encouraged the team in their understanding of Christ’s sacrifice before he actually surrendered to Christ himself!

WOW. Talk about a ROAR and a SHOUT of PRAISE!