Project Focus – India

The Joshua House is doing well. The five boys—Vishwas and his little brother, Samir, along with Raj, Sumit, and Manish, have adjusted and are thankful for their new home.

Vishwas and Samir saw their home destroyed and all of their family except their father killed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Initially, when they came to the Light House, they were very angry and would never smile. And upon coming to the Joshua House, Vishwas told the house Pramod, “I will only worship Ganesh.”

Pramod wisely told him, “That is fine. I cannot tell you whom you will worship. But you must know, in this home, Jesus Christ will be recognized as the only true and living God. At meal times, it is He whom will be thanked for all He has blessed us with.”

Knowing the poor and abusive conditions in the hostel from which Vishwas and Samir had been rescued, Pramod went on to ask, “What was the home like that Ganesh provided for you? Do you like this beautiful home, plentiful food, school and loving family that my Jesus has provided for you?”

Within two days, Vishwas had asked Jesus into his heart. He now looks forward to the daily family devotions when the Joshua House family gathers together to sing songs of worship, pray, and read God’s Word!