Haiti, December 2016

Our last days in Haiti were absolutely full of blessings. With God’s grace, the team’s unity had become stronger as we spent more time together. We praised the Lord for continuously speaking to us, uniting us as a team.

We continue to serve patients in the community on Wednesday and 97 patients visited the Clinique. Every morning the Clinique starts with sharing the word of God and prayers. God touched many souls on the day and a lot of them asked for a bible to learn more about Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! In the afternoon, a small session on dental hygiene was held for children from a nearby orphanage to teach how to floss and brush teeth.

On Thursday we visited a remote village where people rarely get a medical care. After about a 2-hour-drive on dusty roads, we arrived at the village and absolutely fell in love with the people there who had the best smile on the earth. We were able to give medical care and medications to 158 patients. It was a long trip, but God poured out His strength on each one of us to make the day without any problems or issues.

Seventy-one patients were treated on the last day at the Clinique. We give all the glory to our King in the heaven who empowered us to wrap up the week successfully. After the Clinique, we visited Museum of Haitian History where we learned more about Haiti’s history and values.

Looking at all the skyscrapers and advanced technologies all around, we are slowly taking in that we are not in Haiti anymore. We are going through a Haiti Withdrawal but we know that this wouldn’t be out last time visiting Haiti.

Please continue to pray with us for Haiti – for its spiritual healing and its revival. God is so faithful and we trust in Him that He will finish His work that He started.

God Bless you.