• From The Ground of Louisiana

    A team of 8 left Sunday to go down to Louisiana to help out with the disaster relief in the flooded East Baton Rouge area. They will be gutting out the damaged houses, removing trashes and, above all else, supporting the community spiritually and emotionally. Remember them in your prayer as they get their feet […]
  • OnCall, August 2016 | Health in the Urban Community

    OnCall participated in the 2016 Community Fun Fest (formerly known as Findlay Avenue) in the Bronx, New York.  The team had their usual screenings for high blood pressure and blood sugar. But our emphasis this year is to point people to Jesus Christ, the healer of all sicknesses and the answer to all the issues […]
  • Alaska, 2016 | In a Nutshell

    It seems like only yesterday that we began preparing for our missions trip; however, the day of departure came and collectively, we can say we were open to anything God wanted us to do; therefore, our group of thirteen embarked with very little expectations, because we believed God could do exceedingly above and beyond our […]
  • Milwaukee 2016 | This Is Why We Go

    “I didn’t talk with one person who didn’t welcome what was going on in the neighborhood tonight.” – Coreen Zell, TMJ4 reporter. On the 4th day after our team arrived at Milwaukee, they caught the eyes of local news. Jesus said, “If I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto […]
  • Only Love Can Do That

    Look at this bunch of fine young men and women! From July 18-31 they will be in Milwaukee partnering with Nicky Cruz Outreach for a 2-week long street outreach, sharing the Good News in hip-pop music, spoken words and with one on one evangelism. If you are not aware of, Milwaukee is one of the […]