• Mission Field is Wherever You Are | Landiks Update

    The Lord has been tremendously blessing the constriction of our temporary home at the Ukrainian church with the help of BrickThink and joint efforts of brothers from the Ukrainian church—including the pastor who has been working on the project almost daily! Instead of simply coming to help, a brother from BrickThink even brought with him […]
  • Ukraine Update from New York

    On July 1st, we arrived in NY! We are getting ready to receive our USA citizenship, which will be about a year and a half long process. That means we will be away from Ukraine the longest since we moved there in the summer of 2010. Yet we are glad though that this opportunity came, […]
  • Keep praying for Ukraine

    The elections in Ukraine have happened. Despite tremendous pressure in the East created by terrorist groups who have claimed several cities, Ukrainians went to the voting polls to elect a new president—one of the main aims of the Revolution that Ukraine has been going through in the last several months. One of the Maidan Revolution […]
  • Happening Now – Ukraine

    Nobody knows how a revival comes. In the early 80s, when believers of Ukraine (still part of the old USSR) were praying for a revival, many thought that it would start with people coming to their quiet churches, putting on head coverings and singing old hymns. Instead, a bunch of young people showed up, started […]
  • In the Midst of the Unrest in Ukraine

    – The post is originally dated February 7th, we will update the situation as we receive news from Ukraine –  As you know, Ukraine has entered a very unstable time. Many thought, including ourselves, that the Maidan revolution which started over 2 months ago would not last long, but we were mistaken. Last week, the […]