• Texas, July 2015 | Unashamed

    Hello parents, family, and friends! Father’s Love organizes an evangelistic event known as “Picnic in the Park” each year during our week in Jacksonville, Texas.  This event is geared towards teens, family of teens, and the community surrounding Lincoln Park.  Many members of the community are familiar with Father’s Love and their work with young […]
  • Texas, July 2015 | Be like Jesus!

    Hello parents, family, and friends! The theme of this mission trip is to understand the power of the gospel. This theme transcends our own understanding of the power of the gospel as we also teach boys and girls, ranging from ten years old and over, its essence. We know the gospels to be about the […]
  • Texas, July 2015 | Serving God for the Least of These

    Hello parents, family, and friends! Last night, the Junior High group was divided into teams to work on separate tasks at a ranch known as Divine Acres Ranch, located in East Texas. Throughout the year, this ranch holds a non-profit, Christ-centered retreat for autistic families known as Elijah’s Retreat. According to the Autism Society of […]
  • Texas, July 2015 | True Change

    Hello parents, family, and friends! In preparation for this week, we spent time with the Lord in worship, fellowship, word, and prayer. We attended a morning service at a small community church with a warm, welcoming congregation. The main message focused on the transformation of a person. It challenged us to think that a person’s […]
  • Texas, July 2015 | The Power of The Gospel

    Hello parents, family, and friends! We are back in Jacksonville, Texas! From the beginning of this trip, we have sensed that God has been preparing us but for exactly what, we shall soon see.  There are various scriptures that we have been reading in preparation for this trip.  The Lord, our God, wants us to […]