• The Closest Thing to Actually Being There…

    The first TSC missions trip to Taiwan ended with a bam Taiwanese style – What’s more Taiwan than the night market? What’s more fun and exciting than a street evangelism in the local night market? And that’s exactly what we did.  This is our last night in this precious island of Taiwan and we ain’t holding […]
  • Taiwan, June 2015 | Saving the Best for Last

    Rule number one for any short term mission trip – Be Flexible. On Friday we were asked to do a Sunday school for all the elementary schoolers the next day (yep I know it’s not a Sunday) while the church can have its regular Saturday afternoon youth service, we said of course. Just before the end […]
  • Taiwan, June 2015 | Be Ready in Season and out of Season…

    Thursday was the 2nd day of the camp and guess what? We were in charge of the drama/music activities in the morning! We’ve been practicing the song “There’s no one like Jesus” in Mandarin and where could we find a better occasion to sing and teach the song to a house full of 6-11 years old than […]
  • Taiwan, June 2015 | Lily of The Valley

    On Tuesday, June 6th, we travelled from Taipei to Taichung via the High Speed Rail; it was a really sweet and smooth ride, besides the part where we (all ladies) had to trot our ways to the train station with our many luggages all by ourselves… This is the time when you wonder “where are […]
  • Taiwan, June 2015 | Making a Difference

    It has been such a blessing to participate in the missions trip to Taiwan. The team has had the privilege and opportunity to share the gospel, fellowship with other believers in Taiwan, and learn about Taiwanese culture (including Taiwanese food.) We are truly grateful for the experience we have had in the city of Taipei. […]