• Keeping Up with Evelyn

    “He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted..”  This is part of the scripture in Isaiah 61:1 that the Lord gave me when He first called me to serve Him.  During the past months serving from NYC together with TSC’s OnCall mental health team we have witnessed the power of God’s word integrated into counseling to mend broken hearts.  […]
  • Keeping Up with Evelyn

    Two highlights during the month of April: The first one was a sexual abuse prevention workshop that we did with Cruz y Canela for 35 children in the town of Loiza. Loiza unfortunately continues to have one of the highest rates of crime and violence in PR.  Through the workshop, we discussed with the children […]
  • Puerto Rico, March 2015 | Goodbye to La Perla

    Today was our last day spent in La Perla. God has done such awesome, and amazing things during our stay here. He broke through in so many ways for all six of us, we really were able to bond as a family and have grown to truly love the precious people of La Perla. We […]
  • Puerto Rico, March 2015 | Hidden treasure

    La Perla is starting to hold such a special place in the hearts of our team members. As people’s faces and families are becoming more familiar to us the more we can see how starved this community is of real love. As the people of La Perla have been opening up to us about their […]
  • Puerto Rico, March 2015 | The Pearls of La Perla

    Hola! Today we visited the beautiful town of La Perla located on the outskirts of Old San Juan. Our team explored the whole beach town where there was such beauty amoungst an extremely marginalized community. Pastor Ivan Rios oversees the Iglesias La Perla church- an absolute treasure in the middle of this dilapidated town. We […]