• New Mexico, August 2014 | Goodbye New Mexico

    Today was a bitter sweet moment, it was the day we said goodbye to New Mexico. We attended the church service of our hosts. It was an amazing time, every one at the church was welcoming and nice. Being in New Mexico has been such a blessing. God used us to be the salt and […]
  • New Mexico, August 2014 | Clothing God’s People

    Today was a really loooong day. It was really awesome today helping out at an outreach not only giving out cloths and foods to the people but also praying with them. I was really shocked as to how well behaved the little kids were. We had a table especially for them and they played well […]
  • New Mexico, August 2014|Dressing Jesus

    Ok, I have to be up in 4 hours so I’m going to try to summarize another awesome day into one blog post. We started off by going back to the light house to help out with putting together lunches for the feeding of the homeless and people who couldn’t really afford food.We also had […]
  • New Mexico, August 2014 | Light House Mission

    Wow!!! What a day. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. We had an awesome first day of missions, like really awesome. One blog post can’t summarize the day we had but i’ll try. We started off the day by going to the Light House Mission, it is a shelter operated by Jerry and […]
  • New Mexico, August 2014|The Big Texan

    After we arrived in Texas, we were picked up by Joshua the missionary who we will be working with during our time in New Mexico. Just before he told us what we will be doing during our trip he took us to this awesome restaurant called “The Big Texan”. Besides the crazy guys who attempted […]