• Nepal, May 2016 | Many Hands, One Holy Spirit

    With the roof complete, and storm clouds gathering we shared the first service in the new church! What a joyous event! The families that we had worked hand in hand with now led us in worship. Those who could donned bright clean clothes (unfortunately not us). We sang and prayed- most often in 2 languages. […]
  • Nepal, May 2016 | Step by Step

    Step by step the building goes up. Step by step we get to know the villagers stories. Step by step the children laugh and play with us. Step by step the villages we travel through wonder what are the band of merry brothers up to? Step by step the Lords kingdom comes.
  • Nepal, May 2016 | Breaking Ground

    With much measuring and re-measuring Jim and Joe were finally satisfied with the plan, and our Nepali team mates dug out what will ultimately be the church’s foundation. All the while I enjoyed some dal and rice, a mild curried potato dish with the children. ~ Jeremy
  • Nepal, May 2016 | I want to be in that number

    3 back to back services. A congregation of approximately 6,000. A few years ago it was estimated there were 5,000 Christians in a country of mostly Hindus and Buddhists, the number now is closer to 30,000. Even the media – which is often against Christianity- reported that after the earthquake, throughout the country, it is […]
  • Nepal, May 2016 | All The Gear, No Idea

    I’m sure all who join mission trips go through the same process, and ask the same question; why me Lord? And that’s the wonderful thing about these trips – He meets us in our weakness, and our no-idea-ness! ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA. But I have a Father who does. Next stop Doha!