• Kosovo, April 2016 | Going After The One

    How often have we heard the story of the shepherd who left the ninety-nine sheep to go after the one? If you’ve been in the church for any amount of time, the answer is probably that you’ve heard it quite often. Well, it’s not just true for the fictional sheep in the story, or true […]
  • Kosovo, April 2016 | All of God’s Children

    We’ve had the privilege and honor to be invited to a few villages, where our friends here in Kosovo have established relationships and share the love of Jesus.  Although the poverty in which these extended families live were apparent, the joy and innocence of children seemed universal.  We were able to visit a few Roma […]
  • Kosovo, Apr 2016 | Nothing is in Vain

    Why am I here? Why are we doing things this way? Wouldn’t another way be easier, more efficient, wiser? Have you ever asked God any of these questions? Well, if you have, you’re not alone! Our team here has wondered the same. Why did God actually call us to come here? It’s only one week. […]
  • Kosovo, April 2016 | A Life Surrendered

    Team Kosovo has arrived!  We thank God for His travel mercies and for bringing us all safely to Kosovo.  We experienced our first miracle by making our connecting flight to Kosovo despite a serious delay in our first leg.  God was gracious enough to also allow our connecting flight to be right outside the gate […]