• Ireland, July 2013 | A Great Harvest

    We spent our day ministering in St Patrick Street, Cork City. The harvest was truly plentiful. More people were receptive of prayer and of the gospel than all of the towns we went to in Ireland. We sang out hearts out and allowed the Holy Spirit to strip us bear in the presence of all […]
  • Ireland, July 2013 | A Day of Rest

    Today was “class” as the locals would say. We took a day to rest after an eventful week of evangelism. Out of everything that we did, Zip lining across a river was my favorite, I was able to face my fear of heights and had a blast doing it. The unity and love between everyone on […]
  • Ireland, July 2013 | Jesus Loves You!

    Since today is Sunday we joined the church at Naas for service. The Missions Ireland team did the entire service. They performed a skit, some shared their testimonies and a word was given by one of the leaders of the team. He shared on Psalm 139 about how we are remarkably and wonderfully made. I […]
  • Ireland July 2013 | Do Not Let Anyone Despise You Because Of Your Youth

    The Lord spoke to us this morning about Daniel’s prayer that is found in Daniel 9:4-11 and prompted us to pray for the nation of Ireland. He also spoke to us on Jeremiah 1:5-10 where He tells us to not be afraid and promises that He will fill or mouths when we have to speak. […]
  • Ireland, July 2013 | God Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear

    The Lord spoke to us today about being alert and to watch and pray. The scripture was Nehemiah 4 and Ezekiel 37, in Nehemiah, as he was building the wall of Jerusalem, the enemy Sannacharib came and began mocking him and the rest of the Israelites. Instead of getting discouraged, Nehemiah turned to the Lord […]