• A Father’s Worst Nightmare | Tim Buxton

    It was bright and early when I got the phone call that the expansion to our Yezidi refugee camp in Rwandz was ready for the tents. We had a team staying with us from New York City – good friends from Times Square Church – and it didn’t take much convincing to get the guys […]
  • Soran, Iraq – A New Year, A New School

    Well, I don’t know what you have planned for the year 2016, but I know our friend Tim Buxton in northern Iraq has a big plan, a great one in fact. In 2016, Tim & Company plan on building a school for the 250 children from their camp, developing a trauma care program, building more […]
  • Meet Tim Buxton

    Tim and Sarah, along with their 3 young children have been living in Soran for more than a year now. Hear what Tim has to say about his journey in Northern Iraq! Click here to learn more about the Buxtons!!
  • Keep Up With The Buxtons

    The Community Center Opens its Doors There was a lot of joy at The Refuge Community Center last week as we launched English classes for the children living at all of our micro-camps. That’s almost 100 children learning from some great local teachers. To think that just a year ago these kids had left everything […]
  • Iraq, May 2015

    At the Refuge in Soran, Iraq, the work has been nonstop as the Rays and Buxtons help build camps for the Yazidi refugees. Yesterday Tim and the Iraq team got to meet the mayor! Pray that the relationship would be a fruitful one and that in the middle of all the busyness, the work would […]