• Project Focus – India

    The Joshua House is doing well. The five boys—Vishwas and his little brother, Samir, along with Raj, Sumit, and Manish, have adjusted and are thankful for their new home. Vishwas and Samir saw their home destroyed and all of their family except their father killed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Initially, when they came to the […]
  • A Taste of ChildCry | July 2016

    You know that moment during the 10AM service when your stomach decides it’s time for lunch? But there’s still half an hour left and you’re struggling to focus on the message? We’ve all been there! Which is one of the reasons we thought ‘A Taste of ChildCry’ would be a fun way to educate ourselves […]
  • Moving Forward

    God has provided! The new boys’ home, “The Joshua House” will open on April 1st. Eight boys are eager to begin their new lives with Pramod and Nilima, the house parents. The month of May is oppressively hot, and everything slows to a snail’s pace.  Many people choose to go back to their villages. The […]
  • Bangalore, India 2016 | And Who Said Being A Christian Is Boring?

    Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was flying through the streets of New York City with my black and gray suitcase on my way to meet my wonderful team in the church and debating whether or not I should buy unsalted almonds from the cafe […]
  • Bangalore, India 2016 | Chai Changes Lives

    While it is impossible to sufficiently capture the tremendous blessing that serving at Chai 3:16 has been, I thought it would be cool to share what a typical day at the cafe looks like so I’ll give it my best shot. Long before the cafe officially opens for students and other patrons, our day starts […]