• Hong Kong, August 2013 | Our last day

    It’s our last day! We were glad to finally have had a decent night’s sleep. We started the day off sharing about what God had spoken to each of us during the trip. When the children came in, and time came for the day camp to begin, we started off with worship, singing the same […]
  • Hong Kong, August 2013 | English Camp

    We woke up very, very tired today! It seems we’re making up for all the rest we had over the weekend by working overtime lately. But we were all on time for devotions, and we shared about what happened the previous night (only a few hours earlier, actually) with those that weren’t present. Then it […]
  • Hong Kong, August 2013 | Culture Night

    Today was our last day of classes. It was a little bittersweet. We had a  lot of fun with the students in our classes, but we were also glad to be relieved (a little) from the work. It’s only a little because we have a two-day camp coming up that will also keep us very […]
  • Hong Kong, August 2013 | Youth Outreach

    It’s our second to last day of official classes. Today, the high school students went to Mui Wo, a nearby beach community to have a field trip. After all of our classes ended, we prepared for a night outreach to the troubled youth in the neighborhood. Because broken families are so common in Tung Chung, […]
  • Hong Kong, August 2013 | God Is Our Healer

    We are officially into the second week of our trip! The day started off as usual. But come lunchtime, some of us were telling the pastor about the brother we prayed for the other night. After it was over, we decided to visit the home of the helper that was oppressed to pray with his […]