• A Taste of ChildCry | July 2016

    You know that moment during the 10AM service when your stomach decides it’s time for lunch? But there’s still half an hour left and you’re struggling to focus on the message? We’ve all been there! Which is one of the reasons we thought ‘A Taste of ChildCry’ would be a fun way to educate ourselves […]
  • Back to the Roots – Honduras

    Marcos, the firstborn of 3 sons, was born with severe health problems. He should have been mentally retarded, doctors said. The diagnosis? He suffered significant hearing loss in both ears. The prognosis? No more than 8 years to live. His parents and their church prayed and fasted for him, and amazingly enough, he kept beating the clock. […]
  • Honduras, August 2014 | A Burning Prompt

    This wasn’t originally on the schedule. But some of the best adventures are when God rewrites the program. David, one of our team members, had a burning prompt in his heart to see the faces of the deaf and hearing high schoolers again. So last Tuesday afternoon, a smaller group of 7 (David, Rob, Stephanie, Yaa, Priscilla, Glory, Wendy) jumped in […]
  • Honduras, August 2014 | Mission to the Heart (Copán, Part 2)

    Sometimes God sends you across the world to help other people, and sometimes He has a mission to change your heart. Think about it. In New York., if you want to listen to a sermon, you can go to the church website, ITunes podcast, Google, or hop on the subway. In other parts of the world, people fight for a scrap of the […]
  • Honduras, August 2014 | Camp Retreat in Copán (Part 1)

    The heart as a team is not to overlook anyone  – not a child, young person, or adult – deaf or hearing. We don’t want to avoid difficult conversations. We don’t want to run from challenges. We don’t want to hide. In the Gospels, Christ never ran from a challenge. The heartbreak here is to hear stories about deaf […]