• Go Therefore and Make Disciples of All The Nations

    Ever wonder why we do short term mission? What’s the point or purpose of spending our hard-earned money and going 3000 miles away (or 300 miles) to a place where we might not even speak the language? Well, I don’t have a complete, well thought-off, theologically sound answer for you, but I can tell you […]
  • Costa Rica, September 2015|This Is Only The Beginning…

    The morning of the outreach event, we walked the streets of Limon, praying and handing out tracks. We also invited people to the event that would take place in the park later that day. God made a way and provided the church with FREE chairs, sound system and equipment. God also put a stop to […]
  • Costa Rica, September 2015|Daily Bread

    The pastors took us to downtown Limon at 6am to feed and pray with the homeless. Pastor Carol and Pastor Ruben’s Church do this once a month.  Pray with us for the funds and ability to make this possible on a daily basis.
  • Costa Rica, September 2015 | A Seed Has been planted

    We had the pleasure of visiting a High School and Sharing our Cardboard testimonies with the students. The Church performed their drama about salvation and afterwards we were all able to walk around with translators from the church, answering questions and ministering to the students one on one.  The students were very eager to learn […]
  • Costa Rica, September 2015 | The Harvest is Plentiful

    We begin our day by visitng two high schools; both in severe poverty stricken areas. We ministered to the children through songs, dramas, and testimonies. We prayed with them as a group and also individually.  One of our brothers Josh spoke to the young people, encouraging the young ladies to respect their bodies and the young men to […]