• A Taste of ChildCry | July 2016

    You know that moment during the 10AM service when your stomach decides it’s time for lunch? But there’s still half an hour left and you’re struggling to focus on the message? We’ve all been there! Which is one of the reasons we thought ‘A Taste of ChildCry’ would be a fun way to educate ourselves […]
  • Looking Back 2015 | The Marshalls

    A highlight from 2015 It’s hard to choose just one. 2015 was a year letting go of all controls and letting God. We started the year with so many unknowns and to us impossible scenarios and God came in the opened doors, did the miraculous and showed us we are right were he wants us. […]
  • The Marshalls | Official Update

    After sending our last update out, Natalie’s hard drive crashed. Three days later, we all traveled up north to set up a temporary office in the Light Center and start project work in two locations up there. This year where we will be providing clean water, latrines and health classes. We had an awesome time as […]
  • A Little Update from Our Friends Mike and Cindy

    Our little farm is doing well with 100 bee families and lots of chickens. We have three Teen Challenge graduates working there, as well as two young men who were released from an adult institution. About thirty eggs are being sold a day, and we have 100 bee families and also turkeys!  They recently planted […]