• A Taste of ChildCry | July 2016

    You know that moment during the 10AM service when your stomach decides it’s time for lunch? But there’s still half an hour left and you’re struggling to focus on the message? We’ve all been there! Which is one of the reasons we thought ‘A Taste of ChildCry’ would be a fun way to educate ourselves […]
  • Unrest On The Other Side | Burundi

    With what happened in Baltimore and Nepal, you might not get to hear about Burundi on the news; but more than 24,000 residences of this Southeast African country have fled to neighboring Rwanda this month to escape electoral violence, including a surge of more than 5,000 who crossed the border over this weekend largely due to the […]
  • Project Update | Alice in Burundi

    It is astounding to see such an increase in the number people who are seeking counseling and prayer here in Burundi this year. Not only are people dealing with their own issues, but fear and panic is settling in many hearts due to the upcoming June elections. But on a positive note, the Wednesday home Bible study […]
  • His Strength is Made Perfect in My Weakness

    God is perfect, and His timing is perfect! When I left New York, I remember God telling me that I was not only coming back home for the kids at Ziga but for many other reasons as well. I have come to realize that it was the perfect time to be back with my family. […]
  • Back in Burundi

    No words can describe how deeply grateful I am for the time God provided for me to go back and visit the US. The time spent at TSC with my spiritual family and friends impacted me deeply! I was refreshed and challenged again to stay strong and stand where God placed me. And now, after 3 months away, I […]