• Project Focus – India

    The Joshua House is doing well. The five boys—Vishwas and his little brother, Samir, along with Raj, Sumit, and Manish, have adjusted and are thankful for their new home. Vishwas and Samir saw their home destroyed and all of their family except their father killed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Initially, when they came to the […]
  • Moving Forward

    God has provided! The new boys’ home, “The Joshua House” will open on April 1st. Eight boys are eager to begin their new lives with Pramod and Nilima, the house parents. The month of May is oppressively hot, and everything slows to a snail’s pace.  Many people choose to go back to their villages. The […]
  • The Work Continues in Pune

    The past two weeks have been a time of reconnecting with the staff at the Grace Home, where seven girls and one boy live. All of them have been rescued from the brothels of the red light area. We celebrated Swati’s seventh birthday this past week. Swati and her older sister Akshyada have been living […]
  • Christmas in Pune

    As Hindus have a festival for each of their gods, they therefore consider Christmas as  the “Christian’s festival.”  This gives the church an open door to share the Gospel, for the Hindus respect Christians’ opportunity to celebrate their beliefs. Many of them even enjoy participating in the “festival”! Last month, Nepal Faith Community Church put on a beautiful production with designed costumes for […]
  • The Glowing & Growing Work at the Lighthouse

    The work at the Lighthouse continues to grow.  When we purchased the first small space in Budhwar Peth, it was clear that the Lord has strategically placed us in the heart of the area where the enemy had devised a plan to claim the hearts of people through witchcraft, idolatry, perversion, and violence. Last week we were able to hold […]