• Colombia 2016 | Sometimes Ministry Is Just Spending Time

    Often when we think of a missions trip, we think of bold missionaries hitting the streets and boldly proclaiming the gospel.  And, while this is sometimes the picture of missions, often the call to missions is really the call to be willing to spend time with someone.  This week our team had the opportunity to […]
  • Colombia, 2016 | Women at Work

    Today was a full but rewarding day.  Our team was able to spend several hours with the women in the rehabilitation program.  After sharing a devotion with them in the morning we were able to spend several hours teaching the women how to cut and make simple skirts. The women’s enthusiasm about learning to sew […]
  • Colombia, 2016 | Make The Most With What You’ve Got!

    If life at Ciudad Refugio were a television series, the phrase “Make the most with what you’ve got” would some how be part of the lyrics.  I say this because in some ways Ciudad Refugio is like a well oiled machine where things are done in smart and efficient ways so as to maximize whatever resources […]
  • Ethiopia, 2016 | True Healing

    The next day we spent the day at healing hands of joy.  Healing hands of joy is a non-profit based in Ethiopia that helps fistula survivors.  Through hard work and awareness campaigns they are able to provide the ladies with skills training, basic education on raising animals, counseling and ambassador training.  Ambassadors encourage women in […]
  • Colombia, 2016 | How Many People Can You Fit Into a Truck?

    Question: How many people can you fit into a truck? Answer: It depends. At the Ciudad Refugio Foundation, this question has become very important.  You see, due to the growth of their children’s ministry to include weekly Saturday outreaches to approximately 150 kids many of whom need to be bused into the church on Sunday […]