• Summer with Raven

    The month of August for most people might be time for vacation, time to relax and retreat, but for our Raven team, it’s a non-stop action with many precious opportunities to share the love of Christ!
  • Missions Start at Home

    Yes we know Times Square Church is a sending church, hundreds of people go to the 4 corners of the world to be God’s hands and feet in various shape and form. But, do you know that people from around the world (or country) also come here to serve with us? A Youth team of 40 […]
  • On A Cold Wednesday Night…

    It’s been brutally cold here in New York, image how much colder it is when you don’t have a roof over your head or a bed to lay down at the end of the day… Our Raven team might not be able to provide a physical shelter for those who are less fortunate, but they […]
  • Food for Thought (Thanksgiving Edition)

    I don’t know who doesn’t love Thanksgiving, and I also know our Raven team really loves Thanksgiving as they hosted Thanksgiving dinner 3 nights in a row at different shelters throughout New York City. They not only brought turkey and gravy to these residences, but they also brought hope and joy and Jesus with them! Here is some […]
  • Delivering Douglas

    During one of our homeless shelter visits, a man named Douglas who was bound by depression, drugs and a murderous spirit, started cursing and yelling during prayer. Our team began a time of intense prayer, laying on of hands and an authoritative commanding of the demons to come out of him in the name of Jesus. […]